Reading the Clair De Lune Lenormand by Ana Tourian

Every once in a while I am captivated by the artwork on a deck of cards which truly resonates with me. I love this deck mainly for its “veiled mystery” and 2 or 3 basic colour scheme.  I find when cards are created via etching technique they can enhance psychic messages when you meditate on them. Some readers prefer bold colours and to some it doesn’t matter because they view Lenormand more from a practical point of view.  Everyone differs in preference. The size is perfect for shuffling.  2.25″ x 3.5 (bridge size deck)

Clair de Lune Lenormand (<—–click name. Pre-orders taken until end of August 2016)  

is a deck illustrated and created by artist Ana Tourian.

I want to thank Ana for granting her kind permission to feature some of the cards on my blog.  Please note that the copyright writing on the cards in the images will not appear on the printed cards that you purchase. Ana is the creator of the Hidden Waters Tarot (pre-orders available on Etsy). She is currently working on developing a new Tarot deck, Tarot of the Abyss. 

I google translated Clair De Lune. It is French for “light of the moon” or “moonlight”.

By the artist:
“The decks consists of 36 traditional Lenormand cards that come in a black metal tin with a small brochure. There are 2 additional cards for the Man and Woman cards for your preference. The artwork is done in the traditional technique that is known in etching, maintaining a consistent style of storybook feel. The imagery takes place under moonlight. Shrouded by the night, each card is illuminated by yellow and blue tones giving the sense of the ever-present moon.”


 ©Clair De Lune Lenormand

The Moon card is breathtaking. Depth. I love it. In some decks it is not so easy to spot the Moon card and it is often mistaken for the Sun card.


What a wonderful image! I can certainly feel the energy of this card. How about you?

How cool is that! Part of the book is hidden from view as is the information. You secret is safe for now.

Three Card Draw

3 card draw. Clair de Lune Lenormand - 1

Hypothetical question: A male client wants to know whether or not his sister will come to visit him during the holiday season. Let’s see what the cards reveal.

It looks like his sister is making plans to visit (Woman+Rider). Somewhere along the line she will run into some challenges (Mountain).  The mountain in the image stands tall before her. It sure is intimidating to say the least. In all likelihood the answer to this question is no. I did not pull a clarification card over the Mountain card. Since the Lenormand cards are numbered I think it’s just as easy to add the cards up to find the hidden energy surrounding the answer.  29+1+21= 6. My feeling on the Mountain card is that it is not an actual obstacle or delay to the trip itself. The Clouds card can also depict the sister’s underlying doubts about going to visit her brother. She really wants to see him but because of some deeper uncertainty I think she is blocking (Mountain) herself.  What do you think?  

2 thoughts on “Reading the Clair De Lune Lenormand by Ana Tourian

  1. The woman might experience some blockages or problems (Woman mirroring Mountain) which makes her postpone her visit.Maybe she is having problems with her car ( Rider-Mountain) and she got an unexpected or bad news which prevented her going in visit to the querent

  2. I think is Very dificult the woman to have energy to move at the Home’s sister. She hás the energy of the Rider, but I feel the woman so static…The montais, maybe influences by de deck, seems to a big chalenge. My 3 cents…

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