How to read the Lenormand cards Trigger layout (micro GT)

aug 10:16. Lenormand Trigger layout reading

Not such a difficult layout to read. Give it a try. It’s a micro GT. 

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The YOU card has been pre-selected. The LADY card represents the woman (M) getting the reading. She may have had some questions on her mind at the time of shuffle but did not reveal them. M wanted to know what the cards had to say about the next few months. I pre-selected the time frames. For the Immediate column I chose up to 1 month and for the Soon column up to 3 months.  (Usually, I assign a few days up to one month for both columns when a specific question is asked).

I have nicknamed this layout as the Micro GT because it is a snapshot of the cards surrounding the Significator of the person getting the reading. Of course, assuming the Significator falls in a central location of the GT which it rarely does. 🙂

I will write an overview of this reading below. The fact that the Gentleman showed up within these 12 cards tells me she did have her partner (S) on her mind at the time of shuffle. He would have not shown up unless there was an important situation involving them. The circumstances could be just around him but it will affect her to some degree since GENTLEMAN falls in the Immediate column.

Click the Trigger layout template image below and view a post with instructions.

PAST: These three cards Whip, Lily and Clouds show a really unsettled energy around M. The dark side of the CLOUDS faces the TREE card which is beneath her in the Now column.  This woman may have experienced some illness. The LILY card can represent harmony but because it is sandwiched in by two troubling cards the harmony energy has a tough time. WHIP and LILY can suggest tension in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

NOW:  The LADY faces the LILY card. If you read image directions this can suggest she is longing for peace of mind. Maybe, she is thinking about a recent argument. The SHIP card sits on her shoulders indicating she is making plans to travel. This is also a card of longing which would make a bit more sense given what has gone on in the recent past. Beneath her lies the TREE card. I want to read this as M being rooted on some shaky ground. The CLOUDS King of Clubs combined with the TREE card strongly suggests a man from her past has or will make an appearance. I don’t see him as a former lover just a platonic friend.

IMMEDIATE: I gave this column about 3-4 weeks time frame. Her Significant other (S) sits at the top of this column. There will be some changes coming because of him. The STORK card changes the cards preceding it. The RIDER is usually news/information etc coming. This card is coupled with the GENTLEMAN. S is the one embarking on a trip. The SHIP card couples him as well. The GENTLEMAN faces the CROSS card. It’s almost as thought he has to go through a situation. It’s part of his destiny.

Note: The LADY and GENTLEMAN do not face each other. They are linked together by the travel cards (SHIP, RIDER).

SOON: This column is up to 3 months. The CROSS card is often read as a warning especially when it touches a Significator card. It can be a karmic situation causing some benefits as CLOVER and FISH suggest financial increase.

In the Trigger layout the only row that is read horizontally is the Trigger row containing the YOU card usually the Significator of the person getting the reading. You don’t have to pre-select the Significator card. You can shuffle the deck and layout it out. After that study the YOU card and it will reveal the issue at hand at the time of shuffle.

In the Trigger layout the columns are read top to bottom. The bottom card’s influence is carried over to some degree to the top card of the next column. It is usually a continuous story stemming from the situation in the Past column and ending with the bottom card in the Soon column. I should mention that the Trigger Row will give you a pretty good idea on the person’s main theme. 


I usually scan over this row before commencing the reading. The issue in the recent past is around harmony (LILY) but it could be the King of Spades (inset not shown in the German Red Owl deck). M doesn’t like chaos. Since the RIDER card follows her the entire Past column cards are carried forward (see analysis of Past column above). The CLOVER card ends the Trigger row suggesting a short-term lucky outcome. The CLOVER card is in a strong position. It is a Trigger card. It is coupled with the CROSS card which indicated good Karma. The CLOVER card is also coupled with the FISH card indicating the opportunity for growth and increase in a financial matter. Since there is talk of travel within these cards a money situation may be resolved favourably after all.

The only part of this reading which is a red flag is the dark side of the CLOUDS card touching the TREE card. This is an underlying condition either around M or S. Travel may occur due to someone’s health but it is unclear who the person is and why. The SHIP card fall behind the LADY and the GENTLEMAN suggesting thoughts or plans to travel. If the SHIP card followed these Significator cards the trip awaits them. It is pending. 

As always, follow your intuition and if you certain card combinations speak loudly to use then by all means share this information with your client. One more thing there are a lot of court cards in this layout although not depicted on the cards. This indicates that there are several people involved in the potential forecast for M and S. We have J♣-whip K♠-lily K♣-clouds Q♥-stork K♦-fish

I write in a passive voice (grammar) as the future is fluid &

some typos are not caught. 🙂 

10 thoughts on “How to read the Lenormand cards Trigger layout (micro GT)

    • Thanks for your comments. The Rider is a card of ‘things’ approaching. The Past column is the basis of the current energy that is why it is brought forward. The information (situation at hand) should carry forward all the way to the last column. Seaqueen

    • Hi Bea,
      Thank you for your question. The whole Past column is brought forward whether it is the Rider card or not. The past influences are carried to the now and in a lot cases are still active.

      The Rider card does bring things forward as well. This is one of the assigned meanings. So there is a similarity because whatever person, situation or thing was in the past will be in the current ‘space’.

      Hope that answers your question. Seaqueen

  1. Hello Madame Seaqueen,

    I really appreciate your Micro-GT. Currently I’m practicing your wonderful and powerful system.

    I have often noticed that the Lenormand Cards sometimes show a completely different topic, as was asked and what you have focused. Specifically, this means, you ask for person X, but the cards are talking about person Y, or presenting another, perhaps more important topic currently.
    How can the answer be examined in the Micro-GT or confirmed by other cards?
    What is your opinion or your experience on this issue?

    Thank you for your attention and effort.
    Continued success and a great time.

    All the best,

    • Hello Rosa,
      Thank you for your question and special comments.
      I’m not sure I understand your question but here are some tips in case this is what you are looking for. The answer is examined in the last two columns (immediate/soon). The very last trigger card holds the most likely energy pertaining to the answer. In other words, if it is a promising card the answer should be promising. If the top and/or bottom of that trigger card sheds negativity the answer remains promising but varying degrees.
      If “you ask for person X, but the cards are talking about person Y, or presenting another, perhaps more important topic currently” you need to study the first column. This gives you cards that lead up to the answer. So, if it is about person Y the clues are there. If it is an important topic the clues are there.
      If you do not see the answer to your question in the last couple of columns then perhaps your question is linked to person Y or the other important topic in such a way that is subtle or hidden.
      Another way to look at this is that the cards provide the answers you seek. Conscious questions feel more directive but subconscious question are potent as well.
      Let me know if I answered your question. 🙂
      Perhaps I could illustrate this further on an upcoming post to address this very good question you have asked.

  2. Dear Madame Seaqueen,

    I just noticed this micro Gt and I love it!! and the instructions are good.
    I have a guestion about it just to know if i am on the right way to read it.
    at 30 sept I did a micro gt for myself with the guestion if I get an answer to a letter I send to somebody. I followed the instructions like above and came then to a yes. (first reading the rows top till bottom and then trigger row and looked at the surrounding cards)
    Am I right if I say the the “trigger row “is the most important row of the reading?? and for a answer to your guestion do you look then at the last card off the trigger row? my trigger row is: rider, woman, moon, heart. Above the moon card is the letter card (so that means that it is comming at me right?? ) same as that the rider is for me or in past but the rider is facing me
    I got into a disuccion with a woman who is not familair with this reading and she say no you only get an spiritual answer. that is infact also true. therefore the question to get it right.

    i hope you leave a reply
    thanks in advance to read this
    all the best,

    • Hello Dorien,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The Trigger layout will answer a variety of questions. I would not say the reading is only ‘spiritual’ because the Lenormand cards are rooted as most Sibillas – for fortune telling. There is a spiritual level to some cards but you will find that in many decks.
      Trigger row is the row with the ‘bright lights’ so you can focus on the meaning of those cards before commencing the reading. Usually the answer is found within those cards. How you get to the answer is found in the remaining cards.
      RIDER.WOMAN.MOON.HEART. This row tells me your answer will come but perhaps not in the way you think (moon). The Heart card is very promising. What are the cards above and below it?
      The Rider card shows the anticipation of ‘something’ coming toward you.
      I would need to know other cards in order for me to provide further details surrounding the ‘arrival of your answer’ but I think I addressed your question to me.

      Right? One more thing, what is within the reply to your letter – heart card plus top and bottom cards.

      • Hello Seaqueen,

        Thank you so very much for your answer . And indeed I had the same about that the reading is not only spiritual.. for me that was to “little’ if you know what i mean.. if you do the diamond technic around me yeah: thn the connection that i have with the man is very deep i am aware off that, in fact the cards let me see that it is comming deeper.
        well I shall say all the cards to make it clear;
        1 anchor, rider, fish
        2 tree, woman, man
        3 letter, moon, road,
        4 home, heart, clover

        thanks very much

  3. Dorien, the trigger layout consists of 3 horizontal and 4 vertical rows.
    Seaqueen, maybe you have an idea for my questions, please? Your thoughts about it, would really help me. Thank you very much.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hello Seaqueen, thanks for your great explanation. There are countless small Lenormand Spreads, but the Trigger Layout is detailed and focussed, like no other. It takes practice, but once you understand it, it works exactly.

    Sorry, my English is really miserable 😉
    Yes, you have understood my question. Exactly, it’s about “conscious and unconscious” questions. Sometimes the Lenormand Cards reflect wishes and desires, or show our fears.

    Okay, the first column must be analyzed, if something is unclear. 3rd and 4th column provide further instructions for the Trigger Row and / or supplement them.
    By the end of October I will see, how the cards have manifested for me, from the Trigger Layout. I am very curious.
    (I do not read Lenormand in sight. Basically, I read “all” cards from left to right, … so I learned it.
    Mice and Ship for example, can therefore be interpreted, in different ways.)

    Please feel free to forward this idea, to develop into a new post and refine, if you like. Thanks alot.

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