2 thoughts on “Reading on money by guest blogger Andrew K White

  1. Andrew, I like how you’ve been “work booking” your answers. Very useful for those aspiring readers who aren’t quite comfortable with putting cards together yet. What I find difficult to convey to others is the thought process or intuition that goes into selecting one aspect of a card’s meanings over another, looking at the overall picture presented by the spread. How do you explain something you just *know*? 🙂 That’s where videos and live classes come into their own, I think. And of course, the difficulty is – just because I see something doesn’t mean anyone else can or even should see it. Each readers’ reading is their own. Anywho, I’m rambling now, lol… Well done Andrew for sharing your experience. :thumbup:

    • Thank you Judy for your comments. I have to admit that for a long time I struggled in enlarging my card meaning vocabulary. I put in hours memorizing the key word per card that i totally overlooked the flow of the spread and all those hidden.nuances that could alter those key words completely.

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