Introduction to Steinbach’s no layout method reading by guest Blogger Andrew K White

Introduction to Steinbach’s No Layout Method reading

Andre K White

Deck in the above image is the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten –

Sylvie called this process of interpreting the cards, the No Layout method. At first I wasn’t keen on it but after a while I saw it as a useful way when I had a list of questions but didn’t want to do individual draws on each question. So, I combined it into one big spread, which I call The Grand Tableau Question, and Answer Spread. The way it works is as follows:

Step One: Shuffle the cards with the questions in mind and place a date when you would like these questions to be answered by. When you are ready lay out the cards in the 9×4 sequence. Once done you are ready to start looking at where the symbolic card is situated and what card lies before or after it. The Symbolic card is another word for Key or Charged card. In the examples below you will see what I mean. The first two cards before the symbolic card is the past but is still influencing the present. The two cards after the symbolic card indicate what is going to unfold in the future. The formula for the reading if you wish to write it starts like this:

Step Two: The Symbolic card is………… because the question is about………

Step Three: Card 2 is ………. . It means………… Card 4 is……… It means………

Step Four: Card 1 is……… It means……… Therefore card 1 and card 2 indicates……..

Step Five: Card 5 is……. It means…….. Therefore card 4 and card 5 indicates……….

Step Six: With card 1 and card 2 affecting the Symbolic card in this way and card 4 and 5 showing this outcome.

In the next article,  I will show you how it all works in the following examples. I set the time frame to receive these answers by the end of September 2016. I will ask three questions on Love, (Love) Money (Money) and Work (Officer) as an example.

Question: How can I improve my chance of finding love?

Visit + Desire + Love + Widow + Unexpected Joy

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