Introducing Andrew K. White- guest blogger from Australia

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Andrew in various FB cartomancy groups. I find his insights truly unique. He follows his own beat which is always a treat in cartomancy.

Andrew White. Guest blogger from Australia - 1

I believe the deck Andrew is holding is one of Paris Debono’s creations.

Andrew’s divination history started in 1984 when he was given the Book of Runes by Ralph Blum. The Elder Futhark was his lifeblood until Andrew was encouraged to learn the tarot in 1996. Gradually by the end of 2007, he had shifted out from reading tarot and the adventure of working exclusively with playing cards took over. It happened again in 2011 when Andrew’s interest in Oracle cards emerged and everything else slipped away.

Andrew remains in this space today. 
His past reading history has always been for family/friends and of course, for himself. The idea of going professional continues to appeal to Andrew. He is always with a cat or two, however, at one point he did inherit a dog and four pet chickens when the owner made his unexpected transition.

Andrew’s current project at the moment is creating a set of fortune telling playing cards that he hopes to market in 2017. It is about 75% completed. Andrew’s long-term aspiration in cartomancy is to work towards being the male version of Mlle Lenormand.

I wish Andrew the very best with his project. Perhaps in a future post, Andrew will give us a sneak preview of a few cards from his new deck of fortune-telling playing cards.

Upcoming 4 articles: The topic of the reading will be highlighted when it is uploaded

  1. Introduction to Steinbach’s No Layout Method reading. This post is scheduled for you viewing on Aug. 3/16
  2. Love reading (scheduled for Aug. 5/16)
  3. Money reading (scheduled for Aug. 7/16)
  4. Work reading (scheduled for Aug. 9/16)

In the three readings mentioned above, Andrew uses the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck. Andrew shares the process he learnt when studying under Sylvie Steinbach.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Andrew K. White- guest blogger from Australia

  1. Woot, woot! Andrew! 😀 How wonderful to have him here as a guest blogger. He kept that quiet, or have I been living under a rock again? And the upcoming fortune telling playing cards is news to me, too. Can’t wait for that – please keep us posted, Andrew.

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