Kipperkarten. Cards #32 – #36

Let’s go to the end of the deck and review the last six cards. So far, 16 cards have been covered. There are other posts under the category 3b Kipperkarten.

No 32 Sorrow and Distress – “the worry card”.

You can really feel the man’s pain. He is standing up scratching his forehead. Looks like he is pacing the floor. The Lenormand Birds card would fit into this energy if you read it as worry or anxiety. This man has is mentally weighed down. The long beard isn’t always about wisdom it can suggest problems as well. (My mom always said if you dream of long hair you will have additional worries.) The only way to deal with this card’s energy is to go through the process. You’ll be ok but If this card precedes the Wrong Person card you definitely screwed up big time. 

No 33 Murky Thoughts- “cloudy energy”. 

The man sits there with his hand on his head. Look at that full head of hair!  He’s much too young to be thinking gloomy thoughts. This card will not give you a straight yes or no answer. It will give you shades of no. Sometimes when serious situation befall a person they spiral into a not so nice place within themselves where there is little light. You pretty much have to crawl out of there on your own to get to the other side. In some case, a professional should be sought for advice. If you asked a cards a question in a shorter layout I would recommend you not read them until you are in a better frame of mind. If this card comes up for your client there is ambiguity with the answer. This card is different for the Lenormand Clouds card. It is much more intense.

No 34 Employment- “the work card”.

Many of the Sibilla do not have a specific card for work with maybe the exception of the Lenormand Anchor card (for some it is the Fox card). In the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck the work card is not identified. I suppose people were too busy dealing with an array of emotional situations. 🙂 The Kipper card suggests physical activity or applied energy. Work is not necessarily digging in the dirt but can be pounding on the keyboard of a computer as well. Any negative cards touching #34 will tell of problems with a job, the lack of, the loss of or leaving. The positive cards will indicate promotions, changes, and even overtime hours as is sometimes the case. You could be working on yourself. That kid in the background is playing with his toy. This is another clue as to what the card could mean. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

No 35 Long way. “in the distance”.

A long road leading into a wooded area of a mountain. There are tall trees on each side of the road suggesting length of time. There is no one on the road so it is not clear about a definite goal. Obviously, this could be considered a time card predicting that the result or outcome is far off into the future. When this card follows a card describing a situation it means that it will take a long time, if ever, to manifest. This isn’t always a welcome card in love questions. Will he ask for my hand in marriage? Sure, he might but will he actually marry you is the question. When this card precedes, it will speak of a long time ago or in the distant past. Within this card is movement or a process but without an actual destination that is seen (yet).

No 36 Hope – “hope or travel”.

The anchor in the image is a reminder to stay grounded with what you hope for. The two birds can suggest travel. More on that later in the paragraph. This card is very popular. It is a card suggesting blind faith around a person or situation. Hope is about the invisible anticipation of a desired result. It does add strength to adjoining cards. You must have hope as long as it isn’t absurd.  This card can forecast long distant travel as it is called, “Big Water”. On that note it can indicate things of a foreign nature. 

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