Kipperkarten continued. Cards #7 – #10

In continuation of some more meanings. The card images described below are from the original Kipperkarten deck. In my view this deck is read in a similar fashion to other “tattle-tale style decks. Yes, the cards differ. Many decks will reflect the time period of their invention. This is not an outdoorsy type of deck. There is more of a feeling of protection within the four walls on ones’ home. Also there are not too many animal cards either like with the Lenormand deck. There is history to everything and if you are the type of person that needs to know that google search is your best friend. 🙂  

Card No 7 “pleasant letter”

In the image we see a round table with a letter on it. Sitting on it is also a vase filled with an arrangement. This card is the same as the Lenormand #27 Letter insofar as a simpler meaning, however, it may be a bit more personal unless other cards beside it indicate it is official news. It represents news, papers, documents or a message regarding the card following it. If it is the last card in the layout the situation pretty much ends on a good note.

Card No 8 “wrong person”

In the image we have a rosy faced lady heavily clothed smirking at you. She would be a good mate for the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Enemy card, although he is quite sinister looking. 🙂 She is hiding something as well under that outfit because you can see the outline of her arm. Both the Lenormand Snake #8 & Fox #14 cards can be associated with this card. I tend to lean more with the Fox because of the “wrong” meaning. This card indicates something is wrong. Not the right time. Wrong move. Within it is also the hint of insincerity. A displacement of trust in a situation or person. You could be the wrong person for the job.

Card No 9 “a change”

The image shows a row of buildings with a coach & horses in front of it. There are tall mountains in the background. The Lenormand Stork #17 is linked to this card. Changes are represented. The Stork card as with this card will tell you where the changes will occur. Whatever card precedes it in all likelihood is what has undergone some changes. You have to wonder whether the man is pulling up to the building to drop someone off or if he is waiting to pick someone up. Either way a big change is in the air.

Card No 10 “a journey”

In the image we see a man in a horse and buggy heading towards the forest on a single path. Travel in the Lenormand is represented by the Ship #3 card. The movement of things, people or situations. It can be an actual trip or an inner journey. Sometimes the coupling card will reveal the place or the person involved. This is not a long journey on its own. It can suggest that you should explore other options or opportunities.

I like this lady’s online personality. Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siecle Kipper deck review by Kelly on YouTube  40:26 minutes.

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