Master Numbers by guest blogger Sue Nadeau

Some of you may have read Sue’s article in The Parapath newsletter .  I would like to feature this article on the Master Numbers. Click link to —> Sue’s website.

What makes the “Master Numbers” so masterful?

The master numbers have more to accomplish and hold more responsibility than single digit numbers.Patience and maturity will be needed if you have one of these numbers in your chart. These numbers have the qualities to heal and uplift others. These double-digit numbers are considered to be a “higher” vibration than the root or base numbers. Spiritual qualities and higher awareness are gifts to share with others, for these people . Holders of the Masters, must gain mastery over their energy and walk in their true light to help uplift others with healing consciousness.

The number 11 represents the “illuminator”.  The 11 holds the gift of intuition, to use, to help inspire others. They are the mystics and the dreamers. The power lies in following spiritual truths and believing in faith. With their out of the box ideas, people who hold the number 11 leads the way for others in their light of ideas.

The number 22 represents the  ” master builder”. This number 22 holds the gift of being a mastermind. People who hold this number when they master their energy can build their dreams and the wishes of others. They know how to find the flaws and fix the details, to build the impossible. Being practical and building with the details, this is where the 22 shines.

The number 33 represents the ” master healer”. Being a strong decision maker and with social power these people holding the number 33 can raise the consciousness of others.  Highly knowledgeable, the holders nurture others by avenues such as yoga, massage, and with compassion and understanding towards others.

11 will inspire others,

22 will build dreams &

33 will heal and teach

“Money is a number and Numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your reach for happiness will never end.”


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