Just wanted to say, “Hello”.

It’s been a long couple of months during my healing process. I did have a strong urge today to write a short post to let you know that I am still kicking around. 🙂  My love of blogging has not diminished even though my posts are less frequent since hitting the 10 year mark in April. The blog will remain open to the public.

When you pull away (for whatever reason) from the things you are passionate about it gives you an opportunity to explore other layers of yourself. Sometimes you never go back to those things you loved to do and other times you do but with a new vision.

The Parapath newsletter has been postponed until 2017. Thanks for understanding.

I just wanted to say, “Hello”.  TTYL


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11 thoughts on “Just wanted to say, “Hello”.

  1. M. Seaqueen!
    Apparently, I have been living in a bubble the last few months.
    I’m sorry to hear you were ill, but glad to hear you are recuperating! 🙂
    You’re never one to hide from a divination challenge, so given that you’re one tough cookie, I’m sure if there was a skydiving or basejumping incident involved, you’ll be back out there doing it again once you’re healed! (I heard laughing speeds up the healing process)

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Glad to you see you back! We (I) have missed you and your blog……looking forward to seeing you more.!…

  3. Hi Jo are you talking about your eye? I recall you had some issues. Whatever it is I am glad you’re doing better. I think everyone needs a break. I hope your time away has been a blessing for you. Hugs, Michele

  4. dear seaqueen i wish you all the best with your heath issues.i have some heathproblems as well.dont forget that we are also in ascension.that means a lot of old junk that we dont need anymore must be kicked out.that is only for the best.but either way i wish you all the best.

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