Astrology layout with Lenormand

Derivative houses is an astrological technique used to gain deeper information about each of the original 12 houses. I thought it might be fun to play with the Lenormand cards even though the majority of the Lenormand readers prefer more than one card in a “position” of a layout. Sure, they work better in groups BUT  in my view the meaning of the houses is the group energy and you do link the card meaning to the house. When you look to the opposite house and study the card in it you do the same thing insofar as interpretation. Then, you put it all together and come up with a theme/prediction.

If you do decide to play around with this technique, a “lazy susan” works great or any rotating tray like a cake container on a pedestal. 🙂 As long as there is enough room for the astrological wheel consisting of 12 houses and you can move it in a circular direction. The local dollar or two store has turntables which cost very little.

Each Astrological house has a core meaning or two. Each card has a core meaning or two. The 3rd house has quite a few meanings ranging from siblings, communication, short trips etc. It’s opposite house 9 has a variety of meanings as well such as higher education, long distance travel, belief systems, etc. Most of the Lenormand cards have simple meanings. For instance: the clover is a fleeting influence, little luck as some put it, etc.

Example: Clover card in House 3. Fish in House 9.

The first step in any interpretation is to scan or do a general overview of the cards. This is usually done automatically before you even begin talking. When I take cards/house out of context of the entire reading I am trying to explain only a small portion of the reading namely the meaning of the card in the house. These houses are different from the Lenormand houses of the GT. These houses are the astrological houses which have a set of common meanings. In the image below you can see the 12 Lenormand cards in the astrological layout. The center inset (defining house meanings) comes from a vintage kit and I can’t remember if it was Liz Greene or someone else. It is shown to demonstrate the topic of today’s post. You can just as easily sketch this out yourself and put in meanings that you might use often. I am using Urania’s red owl cards with the German verses. 

If the Clover card fell in house 3 it brings little luck or a short-term influence (generally good) to those meanings of the house. What meanings do we use? This is where it is very helpful to know the client’s background or at least why they want the reading (questions). If you don’t ask the person if they have siblings you can’t very well make a prediction involving siblings. Unless the client asks me specifically to focus on a sibling I wouldn’t use that meaning initially. Don’t worry they will ask you after you have completed the reading when you ask them if they have any other questions.

We know that the Fish card is in House 9 suggesting an outlay of ‘big money’. The client might be planning a long distant trip which is costly.  The client might go to college/university. The Fish card in House 12 might not be so lucky since that is a house of secret enemies, Karma, etc.

The Clover and Fish cards are money luck when falling in the these houses.

What I would do is read the single card in the House and if I was satisfied with the overall meaning I would continue to the next House. If that single card in the house is in need of supporting info then I would look to the opposite house for additional information.

If your client wants to know the general energy around their partner I would read the card in House 7. If the client wants to know if the partner will be traveling on a long distance trip I would look to House 3 which is 9 houses from House 7. In the natural Houses, house 9 is about long trips. When you count 9 houses from House 7 you land on House 3 which has the Clover card. It does look promising the partner will travel as well. Invasion of privacy? Not really because clients want to know about partners, family and friends. The client might be worried about a family member. That influence usually shows up in the reading if they are to know it.

Notice that the Lady 29 falls in House 6. Our client is a woman. Looks like she has her job or everyday work on her mind. She could be thinking about her general health as well.

The partner Gentleman 28 did not show up in the reading so he is in the background. The woman has other things going on which may not include him that much.  He does have the Tree card in the house of the Partner 7.  If you count 6 houses from House 7 you land on House 12 which contains the Scythe card. It looks like something might be going on but I would not go into depth on this I would just explain that there would be something coming up surrounding his job. It could even be something to do with a pet since pets come under the rulership of House 6.

So, the woman (client) wants to know if her youngest daughter will leave home. You would look to House 5. This house rules the first-born. Here sits the Rider card. The Rider card shows that the daughter is ready to move on or may even have an opportunity approaching her. Next, look to 4 houses from the Rider as this rules the home/house. We end up in House 8 and the Sun card shines on it. I don’t think she will leave just yet. The daughter likes the comforts of home because House 8 rules other people’s money which would be the client supporting her.  And so on…..

Twelve cards can give you an enormous amount of information when you blend and tie them in using the Derivative Houses. Try this layout on yourself to see if it works for you. 

len astro april 18.16





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