Palmistry hand

David Lawrence Palmistry hand - 1
I have studied Palmistry ever since I was a budding teenager and continue to be fascinated by this topic. Of course, now I need a little magnifying glass to be able to see the tiny markings on some of the lines. Baby powder or talc powder works quite nicely as well when spread on the palm.                                   🙂

The hand in the image was a birthday gift. It is a wall plague but stands up quite nicely on the table as well. I love it. It’s about eight inches high. There is a small LWB with it which has very basic interpretations. The Palmistry Hand statue was designed by David Lawrence and is a Toscano-exclusive collectible.

You need a lot of practice to recognize certain markings on the hand because sometimes the lines merge into each other.

It is believed the less dominant hand (usually left) holds info on your past or what potential you were born with. The dominant hand (usually right) reveals the current and future. When you do a comparison between the two hands and notice significant changes you either excelled or improved certain circumstance or you have not lived up to those circumstances.

In one palm I read the less dominant hand showed a very scattered early life line with many influence lines crossing it. In the other hand the life line was broken but continued. There were less influence lines on it. This means the person made some significant changes in their way of thinking and life direction. This was supported by a very strong thumb, well-formed Mars mound and clearly marked Head line.

These days more and more research is done into Medical Palmistry. One of the best websites to visit on a vast amount of information on Palmistry is HAND RESEARCH by Martijn van Mensvoort <——CLICK NAME

It’s fun to study your palms. It is even more intriguing to compare your palm from a few years ago to the current times.

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