Special April issue of the Parapath newsletter features Orna Ben-Shoshan’s Revealed by the Letters deck.

44 paths for guidance and prediction
according to the Hebrew Alphabet

I wanted to share with you Orna Ben-Shoshan’s latest divining masterpiece. She has graciously written a very detailed article about the Revealed by the Letters deck which will offer you many pages of delightful reading. You will not be disappointed with the information provided on the 22 Hebrew letters system. This deck consists of 44 cards and a LWB. As soon as the cards arrive I will post a reading with more information. From my past experience of Orna’s work her LWB’s are miniature handbooks – very in-depth as is her article.

note: Some background with the Hebrew letters is helpful as the cards are named after the letters. Easy enough to look up in the LWB.

About the author:

Orna Ben-Shoshan

“Orna Ben-Shoshan, an inventive painter, illustrator, graphic designer, Kabbalah student and publisher, creates visionary art of metaphysical nature. Being an auto-didactic artist for 35 years, Orna has exhibited in many galleries and museums in Israel, the US and Europe.
Her ongoing interest with mysticism and the occult led her to study Kabbalah and alternative philosophies. Orna is the founder and owner of “Kabbalah insights” that creates, produces and publishes tools for spiritual work, self-discovery, guidance and prediction. These products have gained popularity and won rave reviews and are distributed worldwide.
➡ The paintings on the cards are her own creations.
Orna lives in Israel with her family, she is married, has two grown children and six grandchildren.”

The art website: http://www.ben-shoshan.com 

Here’s a peek at just a few paragraphs from Orna’s article. I am so pleased that I can share the article in its entirety with you. Most likely the newsletter will be expanded as it will be a special issue. Don’t forget to click all the links in this post.

“How can we use the knowledge of the letters to diagnose, get advice and insights?

Over the years, various systems for advice and prediction have been published based on the Hebrew letters and their reflection of our everyday lives. In addition, various meditation techniques were developed implementing their healing and transformational powers.

If we assume that every situation in our lives reflects a certain energetic frequency, and that all energetic frequencies are originated from the Hebrew letters, we can implement these codes to diagnose any condition, advise and predict the future.”

Many of you know that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are linked to the 22 Major Arcana cards. Here we have 2 cards assigned to each of the 22 letters. I am interested in exploring not only this newly created system but also exploring the 2 cards with the assigned Major Arcana as we know it through Paul Foster Case’s teachings. I will go more into detail on this train of thought when I actually do a reading according to the LWB included with the Revealed by the Letters deck.

I feel it is important to understand each system of divination first and foremost before putting your personal insightful stamp on it.    



2 thoughts on “Special April issue of the Parapath newsletter features Orna Ben-Shoshan’s Revealed by the Letters deck.

    • Yes, it is a pretty deck. Odd there wasn’t a LWB. It is my understanding this deck is newer than 4 years but I will check into that? Perhaps you could contact Orna and I’m sure she would gladly assist you with the LWB. I plan to post a reading using the Revealed by the Letters oracle deck over the next week or so.

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