Mystical Kipper cards in 3 x 3 GT layout or Block of 9

I intended to post this layout in our FB Zigeuner Cards Community group  but thought it might be a useful post for those who are not members. The enticing 36 Mystical Kipper was created by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and painted by Urban Trosch.

The 3 x 3 GT is also known as the block of 9. This type of layout can be read several ways. You can assign past/present/future to the rows or columns. It’s up to you. You can also read this layout by beginning with the central card. From there you connect the other cards. You can also mix various technique.

In today’s post, I will read the first column as recent past, the middle column as current energy and the last column as near or pending future. Time frames can be assigned to the last column. I think one or two months is a reasonable time frame for a single specific question. If there is no question then three or four months is suitable. People aren’t really interested in forecasts years ahead unless, of course, the question involves years.

So, let’s keep it simple. The man getting the reading has just celebrated his 60th birthday. He is not one to get regular readings and all he wants to know is whatever the cards reveal. In the not so great image I inserted the card numbers and names so you can see them and assigned the columns.

Painted by Urban Trosch 2013 AGM-Urania

Painted by Urban Trosch 2013 AGM-Urania


#32 Grief and Adversity.  The theme of this reading is influenced by the man’s emotional state which he may very well be hiding from those around him. If he was thinking about something at the time of shuffle it is surrounded by negative energy. Let’s look at the cards above the #1 Main Person card which is his significator. We have talked about card 32 which is coupled with #30 Court Person.  Card 30 represents many different officials and because the middle card is one of upset there could be a legal dispute over something.  Let’s look at the first column holding the passing cards.


#21 Living Room. Something just happened days ago. It could have been within his own home that involved #22 Military Person.  This could be someone in uniform for one reason or another. I did question him about this possibility and the only thing he can think of is he had a recent visit to a medical person. This situation lead to #33 Gloomy Thoughts. This could have been the man’s reaction to what the doctor said.

The Past Column cards are carried forward to the Current Column because the column ends on a negative note which is still experienced in the now. I doubt there would be a legal dispute with a medical person. So that is ruled out. The uniform part fits but I think the Court Person can suggests something else. It may involve medical benefits, etc.


The Current Column ends with the Significator card so that means he is carrying the load of card into the near future. Let’s see what’s going on there. 

Issues are coming up involving #20 House. This could represent a family matter. It is couple with the Court Person so it could also involve a business/employer.  The #6 Good Lady is not his wife’s card. She is someone else who has a powerful or important role in his life. He does have a female boss. This column ends on a sad note with #19 Bereavement. There will be good-byes and endings within a few months. Maybe the boss is leaving? The Near Future Column does carry the influences of the past and current cards as well but this seems to be a completely different situation.

The man did not ask any specific questions. Like I said he may have been thinking about them but did not state them. Something is bothering him. Whatever that something is there will be closure. Bereavement is a very strong energy. It’s all about losing something and letting go. 

This reading is not the best to be telling someone. Selective and supportive wording is necessary. My post is very brief about these cards. I would study them in much more details before even sharing this information. There are many other possibilities which are within the cards. Today’s post was intended to provide some guidelines in reading the 3 x 3 GT. It’s one way and certainly not the only way.     🙂

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