More and more health questions asked

I have noticed that there is an increase in health related questions. Relationship and work/financial questions have lead the race over the years. As many of us are aging our focus has changed on our health and the health of those we care about. Many of use have lost loved ones including our dear pets. Some of us face health challenges.

The cards will provide you with answers to some of those health questions as long as you are not asking the cards to take the place of a professional individual like a medical doctor. The cards are not designed in the way a CT or X-ray is but they will spot something if it isn’t quite as it should be. It’s ok to ask about test results if they will be favourable or positive in the sense that there is nothing wrong. I’m not convinced the cards will even answer more specific health questions. They may answer but the answer may not have anything to do with the question.   🙂

The cards will reflect your emotions at the time of shuffle. This is important to remember because believe it or not you can pull cards that will mirror any negative thoughts you have especially if these thoughts are deep-rooted. Actually, if you are too optimistic the cards work the same way. If you cannot remain neutral don’t ask the cards vital health related questions. 

So, what if you are doing the Lenormand GT and your card falls in the Tree House does this mean you are ill? It could. It could also indicate being rooted or thinking about the past. A lot depends on what you believe the Tree card (House) means to you.

What if your Significator card is in a group which points to a health issue? Chances are you already know to some degree. If it a total surprise maybe the cards are trying to get you to pay attention. Things come up in the cards for a reason.

If you asked whether or not your pet would be ok after receiving a diagnosis from the vet you are really asking if your pet will survive. This is similar to human questions. We don’t always ask what we really, really want to know. I think the cards know and that’s why they do not make sense sometimes.

When a client needs your advice on a health related question it’s up to you whether or not you even accept such a question. It depends on your relationship with the client as well. Some clients that are close friends understand the way the cards work.

I do not think it is appropriate to offer medical advice when doing a card reading, however, discussing medical information has its place.

definition of Medical advice  

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