In some cases health related questions are ok to answer if they are not diagnostic in nature. Part 2/2

In continuation of the last post. 

staff of tarot blog post - 1

7. You spot. E.C. (Eileen Connolly) This represents your own negative feelings. Knight of Pentacles reversed.

I usually read this spot as the attitude of the person getting the reading. Both one’s optimism and negativity can be revealed by the card falling here. A few meanings for the reversed Knight is impatience and lack of responsibility. I can see how anxiety and restlessness could come into play since the 8 of Wands is reversed.

8. Others/Environment. 10 of Swords.

Often I look to this position for an answer especially if I want to know what they are thinking. This position will tell you the reality of a situation. The only positive thing about this card is that it cannot get any worse. Loss of hope. Brutal unhappiness. The answer to M’s question (as it unfolds) will be difficult to accept.

“If you’re always looking back at what you’ve lost, you’ll never discover the treasure that lies just up ahead.”
J.E.B. Spredemann, Learning to Love – Saul’s Story

9. Hopes/Fears. E.C. This represents your own positive feelings. 4 of Swords.

This is such a mixed position. As a hope, the 4 of Swords could be saying to pull back and meditate more. As a fear, the card could bring out feeling of alienation. This is a card of illness and healing as well.

10. Outcome/Result. Queen of Swords.

When I first started reading Tarot (4+ decades ago) I read this card as a divorce or separation card. It often told me the answer wasn’t going to be positive. I never did like the card but then I grew to respect it more and more. Within this card is a lot of power. It sets you free.

Will Z’s remain in remission throughout the year. With the Queen of Swords as the outcome card I feel less optimistic for a yes or positive answer. There are no Aces in this layout or any Major Arcana promising renewal. I think M will be wearing the Queen of Swords hat. Our lady will be Taking Care of Business.  I wish them both well.

The cards are funny sometimes. Their answers are very direct and sometimes our questions appear direct but are filled with all kinds of questions within questions. The cards won’t answer a dozen questions only one at a time.

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