In some cases health related questions are ok to answer if they are not diagnostic in nature. Part 1/2

Over the past couple of years I have been getting many health related questions. I do not accept these types of questions if the person wants a diagnosis. That’s why we have professionals such as doctors to address these types of situations. There are certain aspects of those kinds of questions that I will ask my cards.

In the reading below is a question from a very concerned wife (M) about her husband’s condition. She want to know if her husband (Z) will remain in remission for a good part of this year. I know this woman. I want to offer her some guidance and I also stated (quite strongly) that the future is fluid as water. Yes, some things are predictable but other things remain out of our hands. Even if you have been reading cards for 50 years you still can misinterpret a reading. Often we get a rude awakening (ie Tower). For those of you that do not know what remission means here is a link with an explanation. Click here for definition.

In the image below is the 10 card Celtic Cross. The 4 cards of the staff are under the middle cards mainly for a more balanced visual. This layout seems to take less space on the table (sort of).  So, this is a simple yes or no question. Actually you only need one Tarot card to answer the question possibly two cards.

Many times people want a yes or no answer but they really do want you to tell them the process towards the yes or no outcome. How will it be a yes outcome? Why will it be no?  Click image for larger view.

Robin Wood Celtic Cross. Jan 16:16

No significator was chosen. This decision was at my discretion. There are times I “feel” a significator should be chosen and in those cases I have several methods of choosing one. The center card is the energy surrounding the question. The center card can also reveal a situation of importance if no question is asked. I was surprised at how many reversed cards there were in this reading. Lots of blocked energy that’s for sure.

Today’s reading will cover cards 1- 6. The staff of cards which are on the bottom of the layout will be covered in the following post called, “In some cases health related questions are ok to answer if they are not diagnostic in nature. Part 2/2.” Let’s look at the cards before the actual reading Here are the ten cards:

Moon R, Knight of Swords, 8 of Swords, King of Pentacles R. 6 of Cups R, 8 of Wands R, Knight of Pentacles R, 10 of Swords, 4 of Swords, Queen of Swords.

One Major Arcana and it is reversed. Five Swords. 2 Knights. 2 – 8’s. Five reversed cards.  Feels like a very uneasy lot of cards.

The only significant combination is below. The original meaning is from Connolly’s handbook.
6 of Cups + Moon indicates there are worries from the past which are not understood. The situation is not seen realistically, however, both of these cards are reversed so it will put a slightly different slant on these combo meanings. If the Moon reversed is the guiding light for this reading risk taking should be avoided until the storm of the Knight of Swords has passed by.

1. Situation now. Moon reversed. (From Eileen Connolly’s (E.C.) book Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice, 2008) This is what covers you.

The Moon reversed  (click name for explanatory video by PracticalTarotTutor– very nicely done) can suggest misunderstanding a situation but so does the upright Moon card. The reversed card stresses imagination more so.  In connection to the question this card is hinting that there could be a mistake, misdiagnosis or even distortion of what is really going on? Is it worse than previously thought? Is it better?

2. Crossing influence. Knight of Swords. E.C. This is what crosses you for good or bad.

I’ve always read the Knight of Swords as stormy days ahead. It reminds me of Bob Seger’s song, “Against the Wind”. Yes, the knight is bravely heading into the unknown as this situation (remission) is really unknown at this point. It looks like the next 6-8 months will be choppy with a veil of uncertainty.

3. Root of Situation. 8 of Swords.  E.C. This is the basis of the situation.

This card certainly reflects the foundation of this question/situation. It’s all about being restricted and not knowing which way to turn. The emotional turmoil of the person surrounded by the swords is a tough situation to be in. The blindfold the the woman suggests a profound pain for Z which he may not be sharing.

4. Near past. King of Pentacles reversed. E.C. This is behind you, or in the process of leaving.

The energy of this court indicates that Z was thinking a lot about money. Maybe he was worried about having enough funds for his past treatments. Since this influence is on its way out it still is part of the influence of the current time. Was Z the King of Pentacles upright? It looks like it but now he is functioning from the negative level of this card’s meaning. Certain characteristics did emerge because of his illness.

5. Probable outcome. 6 of Cups reversed. E.C. This is what crowns you and could come into being.

Many Tarot reading use this position as the distant future spot. Most of the time I do as well. For today’s reading I will interpret the reversed 6 of Cups as something which could manifest.  If happiness comes from the past or previous memories of a situation if this card is upright then the reversal suggests emotional unhappiness to some degree about the past. Is it about the illness? There could be some challenges ahead in dealing with emotional issues connected to the past.

I can’t help but feel there is a miscalculation or misjudgement directly connected to the question about Z’s remission. Something is seriously wrong one way or another.

6. Near future. 8 of Wands reversed. E.C. This is before you.

M and Z will be heading for some problems in communication within the next month or so. The reversed 8  is a warning of verbal combat. It’s about stagnating energy. It’s not moving forward like in the upright position. Many negative emotions will come to surface. Things will not go according to plan because of many obstacles. The wands are upside down. Some plans will fall through. Z’s condition may fluctuate and not be stable enough to call remission. The 10 of Swords tends to confirm this in the “others/environment spot of the staff.

To be continued.  If you have any insights on these cards don’t hesitate to comment.

2 thoughts on “In some cases health related questions are ok to answer if they are not diagnostic in nature. Part 1/2

  1. I don’t see this as a positive reading. The 4 of Swords can represent illness, especially in a reading regarding health issues. It is followed by the Queen of Swords she appears to be ‘floating’ away. I feel this represents the pain will be leaving, which is what I would tell a client. It may also be interpreted as a death 4 of Swords (illness card) and the Queen of Swords leaving going up to heaven. Or it can be taken as the illness is leaving entirely because the Queen of Swords is floating away. I would take it more as a death because it is the Queen of Swords which is not a positive card, along with most of the cards in the reading. I would never tell that to a client, I usually steer clear of health related readings since I am not a doctor.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. It was a challenging reading that’s for sure. Even when cards are not favourable the responsibility of the reader is to find something positive to say. The question was simply a yes or no and just an exercise in reading the cards. The answer leans to most likely not. I agree, health related questions should be forwarded to a professional.

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