He or She asks, “Can you describe my new love?”

zig trio - 1

Your new love will …

  • will hide things from you, tell lies, may not be trustworthy
  • be surrounded by wealth, work in a financially related institution, have plenty of money

She: The new love in your life will offer many temptations which are not rooted in solid relationship ingredients. Accepting his gifts will always prove to have an underhanded motive.

He: The new love in your life will play around on you because he’s got the money to do it with. There is a warning to be cautious he may be looking for a sugar daddy. He will not keep secrets.

Descriptions of individuals can be derived from cards beside the Significator if that is what you are seeking. If you asked a specific question is another topic or category these same cards will reveal the answer.

For example: Will Jack’s business be successful in 2016?

Jack may have to pull a few rabbits out from under his sleeves to secure deals. All up he will be successful and make some money. The Lover could represent his parter or close business associate who may want to double cross him. The Lover could represent aspects of the business. It’s always good if your clients give you some background so that you can assist them better when doing a reading.

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