Good-bye Mr. David Bowie and thank you.

When a man such as David Bowie passes away we remember all those decades he shared his music with us. Many songs are special on a very personal level. They remind us of a person, an age, an experience or maybe we just get lost in the lyrics.

I have been a Bowie fan since the 1970’s and will continue to play his music. When I had the opportunity to attend his Under the Moonlight concert in Syracuse and once again in Toronto, Canada, I was mesmerized throughout the entire concert. I remember he played ball with the audience. This giant ball went back and forth.

I was gifted with concert tickets for his Reality Tour in 2004. Once again I regressed through his music as I was glued to my binoculars. I needed to see him up close every minute. I just couldn’t believe my eyes that I was seeing him again on stage.

When Jan 8th arrived this year I remembered Elvis’ birthday and also Bowie’s. A lot of people did not know they shared the same birthday. I listened to some of the songs on his new album. I knew he was saying good-bye. It was an unsettled feeling listening to certain songs that’s for sure.

When I woke up this morning and heard Mr. Bowie passed away I was deeply saddened as many of us were. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. Doesn’t it feel like a close family member just died?   😦

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