#9 The Hermit year is around the corner.

Tarot Illuminati Strength card

Erik C. Dunne. Kim Huggens.

I don’t know about you but I definitely experienced #8 The Strength card in 2015. Many situations in my life required patience, understanding and inner fortitude. I tapped into the Strength card’s energy quite often. This card played out differently on various occasions. At times, I wanted to roar like the lion. Other times, external situations taught me that a peaceful approach wins the day. At the same time, my personal cards Tower/Chariot tested me on every level. 

The Hermit’s energy will guide us throughout 2016. It’ll be a year of inner energy. A year of contemplation. This is necessary prior to changes and decisions which will be experienced in 2017 (#10). The Wheel of Fortune closes many doors and at the same time opens others. It can be a chaotic time.

The Hermit would not be your personal card of the year unless your month/day/next year 2016 adds up to 9. For example, if your birthday is January 31 you would add 1 + 31 + 9 (Hermit) = 41 = 5 (Hierophant). Your ruling Tarot card would be the Hierophant and yet you would be part of the Hermit’s lantern. External influences affect us one way or another, however, the Hierophant would be a much more personal experience. Another example, if your birthday is October 10, you add 10+10+Hermit = 29 = 11 Justice = 2 High Priestess. Sometimes, you have 2 octaves of influence from the Tarot. 

Think back to the recent #9 cycle in 2007. What was going on in the world? What was going on with you personal Tarot card? How did you handle situations in your life? How about 1998? Can you discover any similar patterns in the #9 years.

Masonic Tarot Hermit card

Masonic Tarot Hermit

The principle contained within the Hermit card needs to be adhered to or at the very least taken into serious consideration. If you understand the Key you will understand the solution. By understanding the principle you can determine the lesson of this Major Arcana card. How will world events affect us?

The Hermit card has it’s traditional associations with inner guidance, experience and the capacity to oversee as does the soaring hawk. By rising above circumstances you can look at the totality of the problem or situation. Sometimes a natural flow of events is inevitable. Will 2016 be a year of planning the next move which will no doubt come to surface in 2017? 

Buckland Tarot Hermit

Buckland Tarot Hermit

The Hermit stands on top of a mountain, holding a staff in his left hand and a lantern in his right hand. There is a 6 pointed star glowing within the lantern. The color grey has associations with knowledge and would represent a neutral energy. In order to understand we need to accept the cosmic laws especially when situations get “tough” in our lives. It is all part of the larger plan. 

One of the esoteric connections of the Hermit card is Clairsentience. It is the ability to feel other people’s energy. The only way to feel is to touch. This might sound confusing but if you really stop to think about it you will see that it makes perfect sense.

To touch another person’s pain through the electromagnetic field that joins us all is to feel the energy of the pain. Think back to a time when you just did not like being around a person and you did not know why. You picked up on that contamination without knowing why. This is intermittent clairsentience because it happens to everyone at some point.

One of the lessons of the Hermit card is to view the world around you from within yourself. Your external life reflects what is going on within or so they say, lol. Go ahead and use the light of the star within the lantern. 

If your life is out of control on an emotional or financial level this will prevent you from seeing the answers. By lifting yourself above the lower energy of negative emotions you become neutral and can overcome most anything that is bothering you. Remember, that your personal yearly card will work hand in hand with the Hermit’s energy. 

The Hermit teaches us to reach into past experiences and gives us the opportunity to change our view of these experiences if they are clouding our knowledge. The result is gaining the wisdom from the process.

Helpful resource: Mary K Greer introduced a book (and concept) in the late ’80’s called Tarot Constellations: Patterns of Personal Destiny. I still have the original copy. I found that Mary’s write up on the predictive portion (adding the number of the current year) was very accurate. Of course, the remainder of the book was outstanding as well. 

Excuse any typos 🙂 

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