Asking Lenormand about seasonal depression

Last night, I received a lengthy email from an acquaintance detailing her concerns about her son-in-law (Mark). He has started to feel really down as in depressed mood. She thought it might be seasonal depression which happens to many people at this time of year for one reason or another.

Below is the straight line of five cards layout featuring the Konigsfurt Urania Lenormand. No Significator was chosen so the Gentleman has fallen naturally in the middle of the layout.

The question asked of the cards was whether or not Mark would start feeling better. His aging grandma is ill and he is very close to her.

Normally, I read left to right but I know many Lenormand cartomancers use the middle card as the focus or theme of the reading. I’ll do the latter as it is more common.

Konigsfurt Urania Lenormand.
At times these cards amuse me at their accuracy of situations. It take so much energy to try to make sense of cards when you have not so clear meanings. We should get a fairly direct reading.

MOUSE + LILY. These two cards show a deterioration in the condition of a family member. ALSO, this duo reflects Mark’s lack of inner harmony. The Mouse is chewing away at his peace of mind.

GENTLEMAN. Since this card fell naturally in the middle tells me this is a very sensitive time around Mark. He is absorbing and taking in external energy as well.

RIDER + SCYTHE. Not a very pleasant combo. I read the two cards to the right of the central card as the pending future like some situation unfolding soon. The answer to the question may be multi-level.

a) Mark will get some very upsetting news from a situation which is meant to be (on its way). It may be sudden and definitely would leave him startled. This would most likely refer to his grandma.

b) Mark may snap out of this depression because the Scythe card has abrupt energy. It also mirrors the Mouse card. End of that gnawing feeling of doom and gloom. Depression is very serious but in this reading Mark’s depression is not clinical or something he has battled off and on all his life. It’s just those ‘down’ feelings you get at times and they go away.

Adding the numbers on the cards provides a hidden message. This message can be solution or it can actually be a co-answer.

The cards add up to 92. 9+2= 11 Whip. In this case, I would read this as inner torment. Battles with oneself. Conflict of emotions. I think if Mark discussed his feelings that may help. The Whip is also associated with hidden painful thoughts since it is the sum of the cards.

I think Mark’s mood will be intensified by some news he will be getting. You never know he could have been down all along because of his grandma. Sometimes people don’t realize what’s bothering them. It’s a process of discovery one needs to go through.

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