Telling a story with playing card insets and Lenormand

Comparing playing cards n Lenormand cards - 1
A few years back I wrote a basic how-to Lenormand handbook with plans of expanding it with additional interesting information (which I did). Did I publish it? Not yet. As they say you snooze you lose. Since then a number of great books have come on the market. In today’s post I’ve included parts of a chapter I wrote on the playing cards. The meanings for the playing cards are not elaborate. I assigned a phrase or a word to each of the 36 playing cards.

Below is some fun reading.

Queen ♠ Widow

  1. Bouquet will always be liked by a widow or woman without a partner. The Bouquet brings you gifts and admiration. The Queen ♠ would be selective doling out her affections. 

King ♦ Man in uniform

  1. Fish needs to be very upfront around the man in uniform. The Fish oversees that which is abundant. The King  possesses financial responsibility.

8 ♣ Good Friends 

  1. Mountain needs good friends during times of delays and obstacles. The Mountain is high and mighty often preventing an easy path to your goals. The 8♣ friend has knowledge on how to overcome these hurdles.

Putting the three cards together to tell a story is a fun exercise.

  • The Widow is not interested in the Man in Uniform who has way too many friends.
  • The Widow is hiding her fondness from the Man in Uniform until the path is clear.
  • You will receive a very nice gift of money that will cause you nothing but trouble.
  • The King ♦ feels great admiration for the Q♠ but she looks away and is not interested. He will not succeed at gaining her affection.
  • The King is a good friend of the Q♠s.
  • You may receive a lump sum of money from a female but you won’t get it all.


Note: the password was emailed to everyone who subscribed to the Parapath a tad late. The next issue is scheduled for  Feb 1 2016 but I may have it ready by Jan 15th depending on a variety of things. If you’d like to contribute please contact me.

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