(update Nov 23) Reading the Gentleman significator card in block of 9 of GT

(November 23/15 update on Man F’s reading is written in bold red)

Sometimes the 36 cards of the GT can be used to zoom into activities surrounding one of the Significator cards without reading all the cards. If you get lucky to have a block of 9 with Significator in the middle this method is perfect. If both Significators fall within the block of 9 that’s even better.

In today’s example, the Gentleman (man F) is our card of interest plus the immediate cards surrounding him. The Lady (woman/wife M) sits in the block of 9 as well.

There are many ways to read these cards. We can begin with man F, read horizontal and diagonal lines. We can read the column behind him as his past and the column before him as the near future. The card above him is what weighs on him at the time of shuffle. The card beneath him is the situation he is stepping into. As you can see the diagram there are 2 cards beneath him.

left side of 9x4 Lenormand GT

The Houses can be read up to a point but not in the linking technique because we are not studying the entire GT. Information can be obtained from the cards falling in specific houses within linking.

Let’s look at the Cards falling in the block of 9 Houses.

Before I begin, I do want to mention that many Lenormand cartomancers will read the Cards in House as current situations around the client. I am not. I am using the Gentleman in a couple of techniques.

Gentleman falls in the Whip House. This means he is very troubled. He could also be experienced some degree of physical pain. Man F might be at cross purposes with someone close to him thus resulting in disagreements.

Man F experienced mental pain from the news received in the recent past.

Lady M falls in the Mountain House. This means she is facing some difficulties as well. There is a situation around her which may be out of her control. It presents a challenge in her current life. Most likely it is connected to man F as the Significator cards touch.

What was thought to be Lady M his wife ended up being Man F’s aunt as he had her deeply on his mind at the time of shuffle. 

Rider House: the Mountain card suggests a situation arrived in the recent past which presented difficulties for man F.

Man F learned of a minor illness around his aunt who lives at a distance.

Clover House: the Path card is above man F. He is contemplating a decision. It looks like it could be quick.

Man F’s aunt took a turn for the worse unexpectedly and quickly.

Ship House: the Tower card is ahead of him as in approaching within a short time. Travel may be necessary because of some official situation.

The Tower in the Ship House indicated hospitalization overseas for Man F’s aunt.

Scythe House: the Mouse card falls in the recent past and is next to man F. Something started to bother him immensely. Both Mouse and Scythe have minimizing or decreasing energy. For man F this means the situation was a very sudden and fast experience leading to the Path card sitting above him.

The diminishing of the aunt’s health progressed quickly and suddenly. 

Whip House: was covered above.

Birds House: the Lily card represents an older family member. There will be great worries or concern about this person real soon.

The older family member was Man F’s aunt who happens to be a twin.

Tower House: the Child card brought a new situation in the recent past involving an official matter. It could have been something to do with a large institution.

A new turn of events lead to the aunt’s hospitalization.

Park House: the Coffin card suggests man F might be attending a funeral. It could be a facility connected to some endings.

Nov 23/15 Man F learned of his aunt’s passing. 

Mountain House: was covered above.

There are many other situation which you can probably see just by looking at the other cards which are not part of the block of 9.

The Sun card following the Coffin card (ending the column in which the Gentleman falls) signified a peaceful crossing for his aunt. 

Reading from the Gentleman card.

He is thinking about a decision on what to do about a situation (path above him). This was triggered in the recent past by the Mountain/Mouse/Child column. Can he really do anything about this? The Coffin card is ahead of him suggesting a situation is about to complete or end. Ahead of him lies the Tower/Lily/Lady column. It would definitely involved a female member of the family who may be at a distance (tower). His wife (Lady) will help him through this although it may cause some hardship for her as she sits in the Mountain house and has the Clouds card ahead of her (to the right).

This was a short example on how to interpret the block of 9 within a GT using the Cards in Houses technique with no linking and a brief look at surrounding cards around the Gentleman card.

The original post was written Published on: Nov 20, 2015 @ 14:28..

➡ The Parapath newsletter will be ready by Dec 15/15. (I do hope to complete it on schedule by December 1st.) smiling

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