WHAT SHOULD I KNOW layout – 7 cards

The WHAT SHOULD I KNOW layout can be used with any deck that has Significator cards or if preferred a THEME card. To illustrate this layout I have used the Hungarian version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards). As you can see in the image my cards are cropped and cornered.

How to use the layout.

  • You want the cards to reveal some background to your question plus the probable answer.
  • You want to know what someone else is thinking about a situation. If you are asking about a male, remove the Lover from the deck prior to shuffle. If you are a male, remove the Lover card from the deck. If you are female, remove the Sweetheart card prior to shuffle when asking about yourself. 
  • You can pull a card to represent a situation as well. For example: If you want to do a forecast on your financial situation remove the MONEY card and place it as the SIGNIFICATOR.

After you have decided on the Significator card and placed it on the table SHUFFLE the rest of the deck.

  • Cut the deck in your usual manner. 
  • Place the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cards from the shuffled deck above the Significator. 
  • Place the 4th, 5th and 6th cards from the deck below the Significator.

That’s it. Easy enough. The reading below is a question from a woman (Debbie) asking about a man of interest. She wants to know what HE (Adam) thinks about being in a relationship with HER. Just remember that the above and below three cards will be HIS perspective and not hers.

If the woman wants to know HER own perspective about the relationship, the SWEETHEART card should be the Significator. Often, we do not know how we feel about relationships even if we are in them.

What should I know layout. Male Significator

The relationship was not too important to Adam. The background cards provide a summary which should lead up to the answer. He is involved but not deeply (some money). The Hope card could suggest he’s always keeping his eyes open to other opportunities. He views the relationship as being in the early stages. There is a lack of maturity (baby) in the over all experience. He’s not that serious.


Looks like Adam may not have enough feelings to sustain (death) this relationship.The Thief is directly under the Lover card so he could be trying to get away with things in the relationship. You know – have your cake and eat it, too. The final card says it all. He is in this relationship with Debbie to get all the good things that are offered. When coupled with the Thief this indicates his perspective is to take what he can.

The cards were quite abrupt in what they hinted. You shouldn’t ask the cards a question unless you are prepared for the answer you might receive. 

Mercury is retro – might be typos.   🙂

2 thoughts on “WHAT SHOULD I KNOW layout – 7 cards

  1. Hi SeaQueen,

    I have two questions about the Thief that I hope you could enlighten me on.

    Will the presence of the Thief card always represent something negative?
    I did this spread last night with the same question. (Thanks for the inspiration!) Two positive cards flanked the Thief (Gift, Love) in the bottom row. Could it be that the man has a crush on me or rather, is he planning on stealing my affections for his benefit?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The GIFT, THIEF and LOVE cards on the bottom row suggest the ANSWER TO THE QUESTION.
      The Thief card is more negative than positive but it depends which way you look at it as well. Like you said it could be something simple as ‘stealing my affections for his benefit’.
      Since the Love card is last it would downplay some of the negative attributes of the Thief card.

      I don’t know the three background cards – there may be clues in those cards which could expand on the Thief card.


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