differences between Tziganes & Mystical Lenormand #26 BOOK

Tziganes & Mystical Lenormand #26 BOOK


Bruno Bieri- Cartes Divinatoires Tziganes Lenormand & Regula Elizabeth Fiechter- Mystical Lenormand

In both of the decks, the BOOK card has a closed book facing to the right (often read as the future direction). The Mystical Book has the Astrological glyph for the sign Pisces in the upper right hand corner. I could never quite figure out if that is a ram sitting on top of the book or some mystical creature because of the Pisces association (two opposing fish).

The Mystical Book gives me the impression of great knowledge and information that is being openly displayed. It reminds me of the Torah sitting on the High Priestess’ lap in the Rider Tarot. The connection to the mysterious Pisces fits. Also, Pisces rules the 12th house which is often linked to the unknown or behind the scenes environment. There’s almost a sacrificial feeling to this image.

When I look at the card it gives me the feeling that I can just walk up to the book do I dare with that creature protecting it. The white candles shine brightly. There is something special about this book.

The Gypsy Book is fairly clear in its symbolism. The opening of the book is not shown. Only half the book is hidden by the curtain which suggests something there could be secret information waiting to be discovered.

I think the Gypsy Book is quite powerful in its simplistic imagery. I get a completely different feeling from the two cards in the above image even though the core meaning is the same.

If the SCYTHE is after the BOOK card most likely you will never find out the information in the book. If the SCYTHE is before the BOOK card what you do find out will startle or shock you.

Edited repost from 2007/04/24

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