Antique “Gipsy” fortune telling cards. Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd., 1910.

About a month ago, I was gifted with an antique deck of fortune-telling cards. The card images from this fortune-telling deck have the most common names that can be found in gossip cards (Sibilla style decks). These colours used are very basic. My favourite is the Treachery card seen in the image below. I get a kick out of his boots although his weapon is not so funny. He is the typical Enemy card.

➡ I did find out that this rare antique deck of Gipsy fortune-telling cards was published by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd., in 1910. The deck had 32 cards plus on blank card which represents the person getting the reading. The images were reproduced from original drawings by Hylton C*ck. Since I have no control over the WP computer generated ads which usually follow a blog post I used an asterisk in the last name to avoid possible adverts which may not be in keeping with the theme of this post. 

I had only a couple of cards missing which propelled me into obsessive research. I did discover which three cards I don’t have. He Cometh Not, A Journey, and The Law. Could these three cards contain a hidden message.   🙂    

The first image shows eight cards from the antique deck.

Antique "Gipsy" fortune telling cards

The next image shows a couple more card with the backs revealed in the middle.


It’s a real pleasure to add this deck to my collection.

4 thoughts on “Antique “Gipsy” fortune telling cards. Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd., 1910.

  1. hello, Thank you for this information. I bought an assortment of twelve of these cards last weekend and coincidentally just started a search for these via Google images. If you did not just publish a few days ago, I would still know nothing about these. so thank you so much. Regards Mike

  2. I have these cards! They are in a 2 piece box. On the cover it says – 1908 Fortune Telling Cards, Milton Bradley Co. Springfield Mass. #4485, Made in U.S.A. The instructions are printed on the inside top cover. 32 cards plus 1 blank card. Just thought you might like this info.

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