My magic stones by guest blogger Michele Hudson

“When I first started down this path, I got very interested in crystals. The two that started my fascination were Angelite and Selenite. These two crystals is what I worked with for almost a year as they brought me on journeys, had out-of-body experiences and my meditation grew strong. I learned how to work with them, clear them, charge them and also command them. I then started to notice I could read them. I would look at them and see faces and scenes in them and write it all down in my journal. After a few months it made sense to what I was getting through the stones.

My interest grew more and more with crystals and now I have a collection of over 200 stones that I have collected through the years. I teach others how to work with them also and how to use them to help heal internal situations, how to place them on strategic spots on their body to help clear stagnant energy and revive themselves.

Crystals are a wonderful way to help clear energy, protect you, heal you and also help you manifest things in your life. There is a whole array of things that crystals can do if you are very patient with them and work with them. They can become a big part of your toolbox.

There are new crystals coming out every day but I also find that the ones you need are the ones that come to you.”

“Crystals can work wonders for you if you treat them right.”

Blessings: Michele Hudson

Michele has written an article on the healing properties of Selenite in October’s issue of the The Parapath newsletter (Jan5.2019- on hold for now).  


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