Guest blogger Michele Hudson (Massachusetts)

Michele Hudson guest blogger

Michele is a psychic medium/Reiki master/energy healer and teacher. She helps empower you along the way as you learn how to move forward in your own life. She offers mediumship readings, psychic readings and Energy Healing sessions. She believes in always learning and empowering yourself along the way.

She had a NDE (near death experience) in 2006 that set her on the course to be able to read others and also relay messages from past loved ones. She has always been interested in the metaphysical. Michele invites Spirit in everyday to help her along the way to be able to help you make the right choices. She believes in empowering you and moving you forward to a better life. Studies with Deborah King, Carla Goddard, and many others keep her moving forward.

Michele is a Reiki Master of five different Reiki systems, certified as a Life Force Energy Healer, certified Medical Intuitive, and also certified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner. certified in reading the Akashic Records, natural medium, tarot card reader, crystal reader, oracle card reader and psychic. Michele is studying for her Bachelor’s in Spiritual Science with Emerson Theological Institute.


Michele Hudson

For more information visit

 Michele’s upcoming article: Crystals

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