REPHRASE THE QUESTION- blaming the question is easy

I am reading more and more articles, blog posts, group questions on rephrasing questions.

In the past, I have never rephrased the question when using the Tarot. I was very happy with whatever cards fell in the layout. If for some reason the reading was inconclusive you could always pull a few clarification cards and place them on the various positions of the Celtic Cross (if you were using that layout).  In earlier years, we took the 10th card (outcome) and did another C. Cross layout using it as card #1.

Phrasing questions is important. I think some people are forgetting that the deck of cards give you the answers according to your understanding of each and every card. This is why when layouts are posed for group interpretation there are varying answers. We do not all view the cards exactly the same. Sometimes we get stumped on how to blend the meanings to tell a story. So, we blame the question. 🙂

Of course, the cards do not give clear-cut answers all the time. Seriously, though, you should not have to struggle trying to find an answer. In my view the cards don’t talk in riddles unless the reader/client thinks in riddles. And yes, sometimes we wake up in the morning in a mental fog, pull the cards, ask a question and get a foggy answer. The odd time the cards wont’ answer the question or so it seems because you have a multiple questions not just one.

I have never asked my client to rephrase their question. Half the time I don’t know the question. I just read the cards and stay open to my own Inner Guidance. Can you imagine telling your client they did not phrase the question correctly. You lose a bit of credibility right there especially if they have no cartomancy background.

If you really want a yes or no answer pull one card and go from there. You don’t need a 3, 5 or 9 card layout and for that matter a 36 card GT. We as human beings are a curious bunch. We do want to know why is it a yes or why no answer. We like extra information. Earlier this year I did 33 mini one question readings back to back (with a few breaks to quench my thirst, lol) at a Spiritual event. Most of the questions required a yes or no. If I just said yes or no and did the next person I would have felt uneasy about the reading. I had three cards in the layout so I read all three before saying yes or no. 

In the Lenormand there are enough cards to give you a yes or no answer. Those which are deemed neutral will need a clarifier, perhaps one more card.

If you pull a card which is negative in nature the chances of it suggesting a no answer is quite strong. I do believe that the cards will answer what you or client really wants to know. Asking direct questions is not always easy. We ask one question but really mean something else. No wonder, the cards appear like they are not answering the question. For example: “Does he love me?” What you really mean is whether or not he is cheating on you. Why would you even ask that question unless you have doubts. If the cards confirm he loves you this does not confirm his fidelity to you. People love each other and they also cheat at the same time for one reason or another. Just ask the cards if he is cheating if that is really what you want to know.

You never know there could be a little ouija being  hiding in the deck yelling back at you, “Dammit, REPHRASE THE QUESTION!”

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