Part 3/3 concluding the Lenormand GT House reading

As a review, the image below is the Lenormand GT featuring Jennifer Kast’s ForTheSeekers Lenormand.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand GT by Jennifer Kast
We left off with the Heart card in the Sun House.11 heart in sun house As a stand alone interpretation any emotional issues (relationships, desires, needs, feelings) around Adam regarding the general theme of this reading should be approaching a more positive interval. Up to this point we have probable scenarios as to what’s going on. Only Adam knows exactly what that Astrologer told him. One needs to remember that his Significator card sat in #10 Scythe House at the beginning of the reading.

12. Sun in Whip House. Adam’s uplifting situation will soon meet up with discord.12 sun in whip houseThere may be some heated discussions approaching. This could also indicate getting knocked down off the optimistic pedestal. Often, other individuals see the negative in situations where we see the positive. This could lead to arguments where each person has a strong view about a situation.  The Jack of Clubs might be a male influence involves. It could even be the Astrologer as he is inexperienced and really shouldn’t be upsetting a client/friend with prediction which are serious in nature. The energy of the Sun card is powerful but in this case it leans to a more negative influence due to the energy of the Whip House.

13. Whip in Rider House. News is coming which initially was good and then turned bitterly disappointing.13 whip in rider houseI do want to mention that there a several other techniques which can be used in this reading. You can look at the 4 corners. You can consider near/far. You can read the straight/diagonal lines and so on… My interpretation is by no means 100% conclusive but it does give you a pretty good idea of the linking path of the Significator. The linking path is the card to House to card  which I see as a route on a map. Each stop will have contributing scenery (adjoining cards) which may or may not influence the experience at those stops. 

14. Rider in Coffin House.  Whatever news or situation that is heading into Adam’s life will have a conclusion or ending.14 rider in coffin houseIf he was deciding on another woman (Snake) it will not lead anywhere at all. We already know he was in the midst of changes at the time of shuffle. The direction in his life was shifting suddenly (Scythe).  The Rider card is bringing some of the Whip energy with it. In one way, this could be a good thing since the Coffin House tends to add a period to the sentence. In other words, the influence cannot go any further in the way it did. Something will end. The news which is coming be disturbing and Adam could lose hope in some matter. 

15. Coffin in Gentleman House. I guess there were 15 links in total. 🙂 Looking back we didn’t really have indicators of health problems that were obvious.15 coffin in gentleman house the Gentleman’s vertical column the Cross + Coffin cards are at his doorstep. These two cards are never easy to interpret because they can predict a very, very serious situation especially since the Cross card touches the Gentleman.  He also has no cards behind him if you read left of the Significator as the past. That means he is future oriented and doesn’t have a problem releasing the past when necessary. He also faces to the right. He faces the Sun card. This suggests he may be overly optimistic and denial of some vital situation surrounding him.

The route in the map will always end with the Significator card. The links vary. Sometimes a good majority of the cards are used which would intersect with the other Significator card. Other times the links are minimal. I would say 15 links is average. Since Gentleman does not intersect with the Lady card, Adam is emotionally closed off from her because of this situation. Maybe she just can’t get through to him.

I would at this point study the Lady links to see if any cards intersect at all with his. This can provide additional information. Below is the GT with link lines (messy, eh) starting at the Lady. There are no intersecting cards/houses. These two people are and will be on different paths which I suspect has something to do with a decision he will make.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand GT by Jennifer Kast. from Lady






One thought on “Part 3/3 concluding the Lenormand GT House reading

  1. Thank you for taking us on this journey chasing the significator’s chain across the houses! I can always use the practice in combining the card with the house it’s in. With my best, Jason

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