Gipsy cards. Some Money and Money cards – comparison.

There are two money cards in the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck. (Gipsy cards) As a matter of fact there are several Sibilla style decks which contain a couple of these money cards. There are some distinct differences between these two cards when reading them in a layout or even as a one card draw. 

A little bit of money like a win or bonus

A small gain like a small raise in pay

A brief increase like a period of little financial hardships

A loan like lending someone a minimal amount

A repayment like a small loan repaid

A refund like overpayments or coupon rebates

You can probably think of a few more meanings which fit this card. That is all fine and dandy but many questions are about love and relationships. Not all love situations involve money.  🙂  Well, let’s hope not.   If you ask about love this card shows some interest but nothing substantial. If you as about improvements in work this card suggest some minor changes most likely favourable. If you ask about health matters this card can reveal something may be discovered. Often there is improvements can be barely noticeable. If you ask about a project there will be a bit of success and with additional positive cards there can be major success. If you ask about fidelity of your partner this card indicates some loyalty but not complete.  Often this is a card of “earned” monetary gain.



A lot of money like a lottery win or stocks dividends. There should be the Letter card near by

A major gain like a promotion with a big increase in pay

A sudden increase in financial position due to inheritance. The Death card should be near by

A large outlay of money like buying a car or home or extensive travel

A large inlay of money like from a sale of home or property

The Money card surrounded by good positive cards is welcome. When surrounded by challenging cards you could be entering a period of financial hardships or setbacks. Often this is “unearned” monetary gain.

The main difference between these two cards is the Money card has an element of surprise or pure luck attached to it. When coupled with the Fortune card it often suggests unexpected money coming your way. It is like winning $5000 on a scratch ticket.It contains major energy. ➡ The Some Money card is more of an anticipated money card. This is an everyday type of card like finding a dollar bill or coin depending on which country you live in. It is like winning $5 on a scratch ticket. It contains minor energy with less surprise attached to it. 

When interpreting these two cards keep in mind the images on the cards. For example: Do you think the purse in the Some Money card is it still full or empty? Are the contents in full view on the table? Apply this to your question/answer. Are you seeing the reality of this situation ? (mirror on wall)

Another example: Do you think there is something of more value in the tied up bag in the Money card? How could you apply this to your question/answer? Does someone else hold the key to your sudden increase?


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