1979 Le Livre du Destin by Grimaud 5 card reading

The 33 card Le Livre du Destin by Grimaud © 1979 featured in the image below has a blank consultant card. I laid out a GT to accommodate 33 cards by placing 7 cards across, 4 rows down with the last row containing 5 cards. The Consultant card sits in row 4 column 7. There are many ways to read this GT. You can use the near/far technique, counting 7’s or begin with the Consultant card and read the lines. Instead of illustrating an entire GT which proves to be a lengthy post I decided to shuffle the cards and do a short 5 card layout.

The Book of Destiny GT layout

For additional information on the Book of Destiny —->click here.

The 5 card layout cards are as follows:

  • 18. Trap or Treachery 10♦ “unpleasant surprise. Prepare a journey or voyage very carefully. A trip.” 
  • 31. Inconstance 7♠ “hopes deceived, failure of plans.”
  • A Man of Law K♥  “a pleading in your favour. Clever defence of your interests.”
  • 23. Illness 9♠ “health troubles. A risk of an accident. Be very careful when driving a car especially at night.”
  • 30. Gossip 7♦ “futile conversations, slander, taking steps will prove difficult.”

Sound familiar? Most of the Sibilla style decks contain a good number of cards which have the same names or close to it.

Question: Will Maureen’s application for disability benefits be approved? This is a yes or no question but as you know the cards can reveal the process to attaining a yes or no answer. We want a positive yes answer. When the answer is inconclusive which is the case on many occasions 🙂 you may really have to dig through the meanings. The images on the cards can be very helpful during this process.

The LWB which comes with the deck has short meanings for the cards both upright and reversed. I’ve added (with quotes) those meanings above and have done so for the purpose of studying this reading. You would think since the cards are numbered 1 -32 that the meanings would be in that order. They are not. The meanings are by suit beginning with Spades which has no heading. The Hearts and Diamonds are clearly identified. The Clubs suit has no heading either but it is last.

At the time of writing this post I have uploaded 2 images which I am still waiting for….If I complete the post before my images are transferred from my iPhone to my Email I will edit the post to include the images. Not sure why it’s taking so long today. As they say the show must go on. ➡ Images uploaded. 

The Book of Destiny 1979

Judging by the card meanings Maureen might be in for a disappointment. This reading is pointing to a no answer. The Kis enclosed by spades suggesting the legal representative may not be the best choice in this matter. The final card shows Maureen that she should seek other legal advice because the Kmight be doing his best but his defence is not strong enough in this matter. 

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