Vibration of Numbers – #1

Today’s featured post was written by Canadian numerologist Sue Nadeau (guest blogger).

“How your numbers add up does not matter as long as when Opportunity knocks on the door, we stand up and answer it. There is no mystery that our lives are full of numbers.
“I like to think about what numbers convey.The first or one is the start or beginning of something. The first of anything heightens our senses. Numerology is a Science of Numbers which  speaks about a vibration which is given to numbers. You have to be odd to be a number 1.
“Our birth numbers are a personal vibration we carry with us our lifetime. Numerology is one cosmic answer in this New Age of enlightenment. Our birth numbers are a personal vibration we carry with us this lifetime. Below is an easy way to calculate your birth numbers.
Examples calculating numbers
“Your Life Path number is all your birth numbers added together.
Let’s take example January 23 1956
1 January
5 (2+3)
3 (1+9+5+6=2)& ( 2+1 )
1+2+3+1+9+5+6= 27
“9 Life Path Number for a person born January 23 1956
The Life Path Number speaks to us about what numerology strengths and weakness of our life direction in this lifetime.
“Example of the Personal Year
1 January
5 (2+3)
8 (2+0+1+5)
5 (1+5+8=14 & 1+4=5)
“5 personal year this 2015 for a person born January 23 1956.
Personal year number changes for all of us each year as the years change every January 1This number tells us what our focus will be of the year.
“Example of the Personal Month
8 August
5 (the personal year number for January 1 example)
4 (1+3)
“4 personal month this August 2015 for a person born January 23 1956
This number explains what vibration we will be dealing with for the month.
“Keep adding any numbers that you connect with until you get a single digit. Pay attention to the numbers you are surrounded by and notice the synchronicities that follow.
“When we are open to new ideas our energy shifts in the process and the adventure begins!”
I hope to offer more of Sue’s articles later this year.  🙂

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