Asking Lenormand about weight loss

Today we are going to ask the Lenormand cards about weight loss. There are differing views on asking questions using negative wording. The word ‘loss’ has a negative connotation. In this case, though, loss is something which is wanted.

Margaret is going to a wedding August 22nd. She wants to know if she will lose 10 pounds by then. It wouldn’t be an unreasonable desire because if she loses 2 pounds or so a week she should achieve her goal by the wedding date.

The question from Margaret. Will I lose at least (not under)10 pounds by August 15th? (final dress fitting date) Below is the reading featuring the Magisches Lenormand (Sandy Pfutsch and Gabriele Buttner). BEAR + PATH + CLOUDS. <—–Each of the card names is linked to numerous posts on the card meaning with examples of readings. Magisches Lenormand Bear, Path, Clouds I chose the 3 card draw. Past/passing, Present/current and Future/time frame of August 15th.

BEAR: This card can show that she is full-figured at the time of the reading. Margaret is about 30 pounds overweight according to some age and weight scale she found online. A couple of her girlfriends are having success in their weight loss program. She admitted that she felt a bit jealous. These gals are also her support system and are reassuring her (empowering conversations) that she can do it.

PATH: This is a card of the current decision to lose weight. This could also reflect some options she has or type of diet plan she is considering.

CLOUDS: Boo on this card. This is not a favourable card for this question. The dark side of the clouds point to the future date. In the beginning of her diet she may do quite well but as it gets closer to the dress fitting I don’t think she will achieve her 10 pound goal. Maybe she reach 7-8 pounds and plateau which is quite common for women.

Clouds is also a card of stress. It is filled with confusing emotions as well. Margaret might feel so troubled during her weight loss program that she ends up feeling ‘down’ in mid stream. I hope she is happy with what she achieves. What difference is a couple of pounds shy of her goal. On average if you lose 7 – 10 pounds you will drop one dress size but a lot depends on your original weight. 

3 thoughts on “Asking Lenormand about weight loss

  1. I just came across this blog and I want to say THANK YOU! I am about to onboard the Lenormand reading journey having been exposed it its reading for the past 2 years (my friend is a fortune teller). Funny enough my last reading had spiritual cards all together so there was already a sign I was going this direction :). Your blog is very useful in translating all I have learnt in books and online into more practical examples. Tomorrow I put my hands on the cards for the first time. Yay!
    Ps. I am also from Eastern Europe 🙂

  2. I stick with English. My brain works this way – once I learn something in one language I have to continue in it. Kasia

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