Pages of Shustah 3 card reading about a project

For all you fans of the Pages of Shustah card system here is a 3 card layout asking a question about a project. The details around this project is not necessary to answer this question.

The wording of the question is as follows:

Will the interest in the project drop or decrease by the end of July? Note: decrease may be viewed as negative. The client may or may not want this result. Let’s just read what the cards are saying. A yes or no answer is what we are looking for but as you know the cards sometimes give us clues and it is up to us as cartomancers to decipher if they point to a yes or no.



PREMISE: yellow butterflies. The energy of this card is fleeting. It is not stable so this tells us that there may be fluctuations in interest around this project.

The yellow suit is all about creativity, gain and spiritual awareness. The meaning of gain would indicate increase of energy in some respects. The layout begins and ends in this colour. There are no red cards in this reading which often present delays and problems. Many times delays are shown whether there are red cards or not. 

SITUATION or PROBLEM: black Scorpio. Here we would read this Astrological sign more on the level of energy versus time frame. Those who are interested in this project are not on an even emotional level about the whole thing. This is a problem. Scorpio can suggest the moodiness which is also reflected in the yellow Butterflies card.

RESULT: yellow Angel of Autumn. This is definitely a card of decline. It shows there is less enthusiasm which can be read as decrease in this case. The cards suggest that there would not be much more interest in this project and there is the feeling of less rather than more.

I think the interest will drop or decrease by the end of July. The client wants additional time to re-organize aspects of the project. He is not ready to move forward. Scorpio does indicate late October early November and the Angel of Autumn does depict the autumn season. 

Is this the answer the client wants to hear? Under the circumstances, yes, the client wants a drop in interest and is very accepting of the guidance given by the cards.

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