Chakra questions layout featuring Magisches Lenormand

Sometimes you are just wondering where you are at the present time. You don’t have any specific questions and you are open to whatever the cards want to tell you. Of course, you could ask a specific question and you should apply the chakra questions directly to that specific question. Any deck of cards can be used for this layout.

I’ll illustrate how to use this layout with the Lenormand. I chose this deck because I receive many questions about these cards with the Gipsy deck following in a close second. Before I begin, I am more interested in explaining the Chakra questions layout than explaining the actual meanings (traditional /modern) of the Lenormand system. You have your own understanding of the individual cards.  🙂

Since many of you are interested in love/relationship questions I will address this topic below. In the image, you will see 7 Lenormand cards in the 7 Chakra positions. It doesn’t have to be these exact cards but they resonated with me at the time of creating this layout. I have pulled them from the deck.

Next, I shuffled the deck and took the top card from the deck and placed it in #1 spot, the next card in #2 spot and so on. The cards that I actually drew for the question below are from the Magisches Lenormand deck (last image). I really like these cards. One thing I like about them is the Gentleman and Lady face opposite directions. I read directions most of the time in various layouts.

Ok. Here is the question. Where is A’s (woman) relationship with B (man) headed (progress, stagnation, ending) over the next six months? Assign your significator cards prior to shuffle. 

Chakra questions layout reading


FYI: For those of you that object to reading Lenormand reversals do hang around to the end of the post.  It just happened. It could happen to you. You can just as easily turn the card right side up but I won’t do that because I get insights about reversals.

Moving right along…… 

I turned the corresponding chakra questions cards side ways so I could capture them in a smaller file.

Chakra questions layout featuring Magisches Lenormand

Some of these questions for the chakra positions are general and simple.

1. Are you grounded? Gentleman REVERSED.

A (woman getting reading) is not grounded because of the current influence of B (man she is in relationship with at time of shuffle). Gentleman is reversed thus throwing her off her center. There may be a lot going on with him insofar as where this relationship is headed. His influence is not making her feel very secure within herself.

2. Where is your passion? The Rider often represents a lover or love object. Her passion may lie elsewhere. Also, she is always waiting for something or someone better to come along.

3. Are you empowered? The Coffin card suggests the future of this relationship is definitely in jeopardy. A doesn’t feel confident it is heading anywhere. She sees it as a dead end. Until the relationship is clarified she will not gain her own power back.

4. What do you love? The Ship card indicates she desires more movement with this relationship. She would love to move forward or even go on a trip with B.

5. Do you speak the truth? The Bouquet card is actually quite positive. Maybe she doesn’t let on to her friends her relationship is struggling. She is saying all the things she should say. I don’t see her bad mouthing B.

6. What do you know? The Whip card suggests she knows there is discord with this relationship.  She is aware of the tension. She has gained knowledge through experience…through disagreements.

7. Are you open? The Tower is a card of isolation. Even though A wants to know the future of the relationship she is closed off from receiving higher guidance


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