The Answer – is in the Question. Part 2/2

In continuation of The Answer – is in the Question by Guest blogger Kelly Isara from Australia.

Spreads and decks


The Lenormand will show me what is happening here and now in a more factual and upcoming method. It will be more black and white.

I personally use 3 card and 5 cards for Lenormand and as the example above.

I know the GT is popular and will detail a lot. However, I like simple and a snapshot of what is going on.

I don’t want too much clutter. I can always expand on the spread using more cards on trouble or uncertain cards I see. If I’m reading with a client on the phone it is unlikely I will use spreads. I am pulling rows of 3 to see what’s going on as they talk to me and then we see what’s happening. This method has proven insightful efficient results for me.


With the Tarot again, I have my own method of pulling about 6 cards as an overview for one question. Or I may draw one card per one question. Or I may draw 2 cards for each question

So, who is bob? What are his thoughts about the discussion? What is the likely outcome?

The Tarot will show me more emotion of what the cards are feeling. The underlying motivator of the feeling about the issue and/or person.

The Tarot is more guided with archetypes of what guides and drives us forward or inhibits ourselves in situations. Ultimately, emotion drives all behaviour. And the Tarot can show us how we handle it or what needs to occur.

Oracle decks

Oracle decks can show ‘what is happening now and coming up’ in more storyteller type of way. They are much more gentle than Lenormand or Gypsy cards. Even with the Tarot some people find the imagery too confronting to receive a message.

The Oracle decks on the market and the independent publications vary so much. Mostly its images of stories to help connect the unfolding of what we are seeking clarity and a simpler easy story.

Oracles can be simpler to use and on more frequent basis such as daily card and less interpretation –as is needed as opposed to more structured divination

They won’t require as much thought about the question, either as the other decks may. You can ask – as broad a question as ‘what do I need to know right now’.

Gypsy and Kipper

The Gypsy and the Kipper are decks that I enjoy using on occasion to help me understand the same issue in a different context or voice.

So with this card deck I prefer to use 3 cards. I am still new to them and have learned to use them over the last 3 years.

Sometimes if I can’t connect with the message of the Tarot or Lenormand I find simpler messages with the Kipper or Gypsy decks.

Again it’s the same method but as you know each deck speaks differently.

In my experience, the Gypsy cards I read online can provide more of an emotional reading. It’s similar to the Tarot. The messages tend to be oriented in feelings and emotions. However, if you prefer your decks and the spreads you use I encourage you to mix up your format. Use a range of questions you may not normally use. Use a system of pulling cards in a spread or method you haven’t usually tried.

The cards will respond to what you ask. So think carefully about what you are asking. I find a varied way of asking the question. You may open a message or insight you hadn’t seen previously with another question.

Understanding the clients and their needs is most valuable, since this is a service industry of hope that is being offered. Listen to the client and what they are seeking. This is important.

We are speakers sharing information, but we must also listen to what the client’s needs are so we can seek and find it in the reading/cards. It’s not about what we think they need.

Even if the revealed messages are difficult to share with clients it is really the delivery of the information via you. This can take you from being a good reader to an excellent reader.

Please share your results of questions and styles from the spreads and decks you have received the most insight from.

Kelly Isara

Psychic /Tarot Lenormand reader

Oracle deck publisher/author

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