Exploring the Lenormand Courts & Astrology

I wrote this post last year April /14 and had it in my drafts along with many other topics. (I write posts when the creative urge hits me and often save them until I am ready to make them public.) I took all the courts out of the Lenormand deck and placed them in the appropriate Zodiac houses. I used one of the more common associations to demonstrate how the courts are linked to those Astrological signs.

  • CLUBS ♣ – fire signs. ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS. Clouds, Snake, Whip
  • HEARTS water signs. CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES. House, Stork, Heart
  • DIAMONDS earth signs. TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN. Path, Scythe, Fish
  • SPADES ♠ – air signs. GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS. Child, Lily, Bouquet
  • The BLACK lines between the cards belong to the Cardinal group. Clouds, House, Lily, Fish
  • The RED lines between the cards belong to the Fixed group. Path, Snake, Stork, Bouquet
  • The BLUE lines between the cards belong to the Mutable/Adaptable group. Child, Scythe, Whip, Heart
Lenormand Courts and Astrology Signs/Houses

Lenormand Courts and Astrology Signs/Houses

What does all this mean? It might not mean anything. 🙂 I’ll only compare four of the Lenormand Courts in comparison to the Astrological signs/houses to give you an idea on the research I am doing. The other cards/groups represented by the lines will be discussed in other posts. Their connections are quite amusing.

Fire. KING OF CLUBS- Aries. I think the Clouds card is the negative aspect of this fire sign. Aries is usually quite clear and direct. The confusion or lack of clarity is very strong in the Clouds card. It is a passing energy and is the Arian energy – it fizzles out after a while.

Earth. QUEEN OF DIAMONDS- Taurus. The Path card contains earthy energy. Most of our decisions require practical attention and quite often involve our finances, job prospects and what we value.

Air. JACK OF SPADES- Gemini. The Child card has ambiguous energy. Many times Gemini personalities are like little kids in a toy shop. This sign blows hot and cold. This card does not have stable energy.

Water. KING OF HEARTS- Cancer. The House card fits in here perfectly. The 4th house Cancer rules the home and so does the House card. The King is most likely the patriarch of the family and does possess emotional sensitivity.


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