Cartomancer’s forecast based on card meanings.

I receive more and more questions about health related topics. Actually, I find myself asking those types of questions on behalf of concerned friends. Many cartomancers shy away from such questions. I prefer not to address medical questions either. However, when I do, I take the cartomancer’s approach. I read the cards.

In the 5 card Advice layout below a female wants to know if she accepts the medical treatments offered by her specialist will they benefit her. For the most part it is a yes or no question. The result card will give you that yes or no. The other four cards will provide additional information because each position is defined. (These five cards can be read left to right which is the way I would normally read them.) There are benefits to reading layouts which have designated meanings for the positions.

The female wants advice from the cards. She could have asked the same question about a work situation or relationship. She is not seeking medical advice even though the question is about a medical treatment.

I want to explain my train of thought a little further. A prognosis is the forecast of the most likely outcome or result of a situation. We as cartomancers do that all the time but not from a medical point of view. We read the card meanings/combinations using techniques, etc. and forecast that way. Stretching it a little further we also diagnose. How do we do that? To diagnose is to gather up information from the cards to identify a problem which is rooted in the question asked. Now, some cartomancers will read the cards from a health point of view especially if they have assigned medical/health attributions to cards. This is totally different. I do not practice this approach. You might, though, and that is part of your own personal code of ethics.

As you can see I have cropped the deck in the image so that I have a smaller sized deck. The cards are MONEY, FALSENESS, MARRIAGE, HOPE & MERRIMENT. If you click each name you will be taken to a post written by me about the card.

5 card Advice layout Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

Here is the question again. Female wants to know if she accepts the medical treatments offered by her specialist will they benefit her.

Money card in the Basis position adds a great value to the nature of the question. This card also points out that the treatments offered by the specialist will add value to her life. It is not about money in any way.

Falseness card falling in the What you Know position is her own suspicions about the treatments.  It represents doubts and insecurities about achieving benefits from the treatments. The female could be telling herself little white lies to avoid dealing with this situation. Denial is common in such situations.

Marriage in the What you are not Seeing position strongly suggests that the female should commit to this line of treatments. In other words, she needs to form a bond with the specialist. To trust, respect and honour just like when tying the knot.

Hope in the Advice position is pretty straight forward. The female must not give up on hope. She needs to remain grounded at the same time. She is taking a practical approach towards what her specialist has offered.

Merriment as the Result card is very promising and suggesting that treatments will benefit her. In fact, she may have something to celebrate when all is said and done.

2 thoughts on “Cartomancer’s forecast based on card meanings.

  1. What is the Name please, of this beautiful Card-Deck and from where can I buy ist ? I thank you so much for one Answer.
    Lovely Greatings

    • Hello. Thank you for your question. This deck is the Hungarian version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. It is called the Cigany Kartya and can be found on ebay quite often. It is multi-language as well. I have cropped (cut off the languages) on the cards in the image to make them a little smaller. Seaqueen.

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