Square of 12/24 layout for the Skat fortune-telling cards. Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post on this system. I suppose if I wanted to read each square as a week in the 12 week time frame that could work. I can only verify that if I keep track of the 2 cards per week to determine whether the forecast comes true in those weeks. I do want to expand that when two Courts appear in a square the cards the person can influence the card duo before or after them. 9/10 cards are courts. That’s a lot of people. Looks like a busy time is coming over the next 3 months.

The next square (top left side) is Q♠ + 7. This would be a brunette who can be malicious. She like to spread stories. Coupled with heart you can expect her to behave since the 7 indicates pleasant thoughts and often a surprise.

J+Q. This duo can be a mother and son.  In the booklet, the Jack is described as a close relative who would be very much into himself. The Queen is of fair colouring with a healthy ego. She has a jealous streak. Sounds like two peas in a pod.

Actually I can place this mother and son.

J♠+9. Dark young man. Unreliable. His intentions are good but he does not follow through. The wish card has appeared. Within 12 weeks what I wished for should manifest connected to this individual. It can also be a wish granted about this male.

I can identify this individual as being less supportive to the J and Q.

Second row:

10+10♣. Two tens. Changes should be satisfactory. The red ten is a really good card suggesting a good future (12 weeks). The black ten is also a card of sudden success but it will bring worries.

There are definitely changes approaching.

A♠+Q. The black Ace is a warning card. Some trouble could be approaching. She is loving, domesticated (lol) and fair. The previous two tens may have something to this strong warning.

This Queen is my card.

J+9♣. A young bachelor who is out for pleasure has shown up. Wonder who that is? The 9 indicates unexpected gain possibly an inheritance. Lucky guy.

Sounds like someone’s son I know. He is a bachelor having a good time.

K+8♠. This King is an emotional man. He is kind and gentle. He is also the significant other if you are a female getting the reading. If you are a male getting the reading it represents you. The 8 is another simple warning card. It can suggest illness or that things will go wrong. Since it is coupled with the King it would apply to him.

I sure hope not because this King would be my partner.

Bottom row:

10+K♠. This 10 represents a large some of money. The card connected to it will tell how or why. In this case, we have an actual person – the King. This King is a dark man. His personality is not very pleasant because he is too ambitious laced with envy.

Not sure on this and will know at the end of 12 weeks.

8+Q♣. The 8 represents love and popularity. It is mostly about positive emotions such as affection and sympathy. The Queen would be a brunette. She is trustworthy and caring. A nice combination.

Looks like she might lend a hand or ear.

A+8. The Ace represents the home. The card with it should tell you what’s going to influence the home environment. The 8 indicates a small gift of money. It can also be a love present.  Maybe it’s a present for the home that you love.

Any gifts for the home are welcome.  🙂

K♣+J♣. This duo would be a father and son. The King is a medium dark man. He is loyal and honest. The Jack is a young man. He is clever and generous. The courts meanings don’t necessarily describe their actual personality. What do they have to do in the reading? You look at the square preceding them for clues.

Time will tell.

A simple reading just using the meanings/techniques. As you know your own intuition will kick in. If you are doing your own reading you will know who some of these courts represent. If reading a client a lot of time you have some background on why they want the reading in the first place. Many times clients are only too happy to identify the courts or situations. 

You can do this layout with the Lenormand cards. Give it a try and see what you come up with. Later on in the week, I will play around with the Lenormand in this layout following the instructions which I posted in part 1.


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