Square of 12/24 layout for the Skat fortune-telling cards. Part 1/2

I’d like to share a layout from the little 9 page booklet (1967) I have mentioned in previous posts. My school friend told my fortune with this layout/card meanings. It’s amazing just how much information you can come up with even with simple one-liner meanings. We shared readings instead of doing what ‘normal’ teenagers did in those days, lol. I’ve been writing about another Skat fortune-telling system in recent posts but this one is not as detailed although some meanings are similar. Similarities are common especially in Europe.

I am going to write the step by step procedure below and continue with the interpretation in part 2/2. The deck I am using is the original Altenburg Spielkarten 32 Skat blatt (sheet/maps/cards)

If you are using a standard 52 deck remove all the 2’s through 6’s. Shuffle the 32 cards thoroughly. No need to put them all upright because there are no reversed meanings.

It is important to decide the time frame before the shuffle. Also, make a wish.



How to lay the cards.

  • In the first part of this two-part layout you never use the 7’s as the cards which are laid out. You do use the 7’s to determine which card will go into the 12 (4 across x 3 down) squares of the layout.
  • Take the top card from the shuffled deck and place it in a pile. Keep doing this until you come to a 7. Take the very next card and put it in square 1 (top left corner). Continue doing this until you get to the next 7. Repeat. If two 7’s come up one after another take the card after the 2nd 7. Continue until you have gone through the entire shuffled deck.
  • Repeat this process until you have 12 cards laid out.


  • Gather up the remaining cards and shuffle until it feels right to continue.
  • Place the top card from the shuffled deck side ways on the bottom of card 1. In this second step the 7’s are used. Keep doing this until you have 12 cards laid side ways over the 12 cards from the first step.


Now you ready to read the cards. I chose the 12 weeks time frame. I did make a secret wish. Always study the groups of suits and courts. Keep this mind as you read two cards in each square. 

If you have two Courts in a square you can identify a person that’s about it. This is why you would look to the bottom (side way cards) to see if you can link this person to a situation. More on linking in part 2/2.

For example: Two Kings can be business partners, however, if 2 Kings are side by side you might be involved with the law in some way during the time frame of the reading.

Another example: Two Jacks can be brothers (top/bottom) but side by side changes are shown for a close relationship.Two red Jacks signifies a good change. Two black Jacks suggests a temporary change. One of each colour you will be unsure if the changes will work out. 

If you were to choose 12 days or 12 months for this reading it does not mean the first duo is the first day or first month. The prediction can come true anytime within 12 days, 12 weeks or 12 months.

For those of you who don’t know the D (dame) cards are the Queens and B (bube) cards are the Jacks.

Peek into interpretation:

First square (top left) Ace♣ plus 7:  in this system the Ace♣ signifies news of a marriage which will bring happiness. The 7 indicates an unexpected gift. Put the two together and you can predict that your client will be hearing of a wedding and probably buy a present.

Sounds like a safe prediction. Maybe your client is marriage minded and might get a proposal. Look at the last image. You can see that 7 is coupled with the 7♦. This means there could be series of sudden changes connection to the above prediction. It will all be good, though, there are two red 7’s.

Continued in part 2/2 scheduled June 22/15.

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