continued Skat fortune telling cards – the Kings and Aces

Ahearts.jpgThe card of the home. This Ace covers many categories such as family, friends, property or issues that involve the home you live in. It can suggest any dwelling. Usually it is a place your call home so if you live in trailer – that’s it. At times it will point to a hotel or a variety of buildings.

Aclub.jpg Decisions. Ideas. The card of authority- legal matters, papers, contracts.

Adiamonds.jpg The card of occupational connections. This card brings $$ luck to the adjoining cards. An increase of money is shown. Often a piece of jewelry like a ring.

A spades.jpgThe card of large institutions such as court, hospitals, educational facilities, high-profile offices. REVERSED: Divorce, death and terminal illness.

Should the Ace of Spades appear reversed with one or more other red Aces in the layout it will minimize the ‘good’ of the red Aces.

card suits

K hearts.jpgThe card of the man asking for the reading. The family man. He is generally married and has a loving disposition. He is your buddy whom you can count on. He has coaching ability and will lend a helping hand.

Kclub.jpg The card of the male relative. He is a father, in-law, grandfather and in many cases your enemy-competitor. He is emotionally cool as the Qclub.jpg. This card can represent an older man, the “other” man, widower, someone who is divorced. In some cases he will be connected to medicine or law. This King is the decision maker.

Kdiamonds.jpg The card of the lighter haired man. He is a brother, reliable friend, a son, business associate. His friendship is honest and he is very knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world. This King presents information and brings news.

K spades.jpgThe card of the darker haired man. He can be an uncle, co-worker, experienced man, in-law. Usually he is married. He can be the obnoxious neighbor. His personality is stern but he will help you if he feels you are genuinely in need. He is in control in his chosen occupation.


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