Lenormand 7’s. Skat 7’s. Are the playing card insets connected?

Sometimes, I go through my own archives because I have already done the research on countless numbers of cartomancy related topics.

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Aug 28 2013 Skat post

Objective: finding connections to the Lenormand 7’s if any? Yes, I know we also have 6’s and the traditional Skat begins at the 7’s. However, instead of 6’s some systems use the 2’s in the deck for a full 36 system….more on that later. 

Featured Deck: Lenormand Revolution © 2012, 2013 Carrie Paris, Roz Foster

Some of you know that the clubs from old cartomancy systems had many negative meanings versus the more positive ones attributed in modern-day systems.  I am currently writing posts on a more modern version of the clubs (work in progress). 

Connecting Skat 7’s meanings with Lenormand 7’s playing card insets Experiment.

7hearts.jpg “Card of love in its beginning stages. It can be a new fondness for a person or thing. A good feeling.”

TREE: a loose connection at that. This card is about well-being. Love can “cure” much of what ails us. Feeling loved or loving someone does contribute to the emotional health of the person involved.

Lenormand Revolution

7club.jpg “Card of minor loss, tears, depression etc. It is short-term and does not last a long time. (Modern meanings would tie this card with communication, discussions, news.) If you asked will he/she contact me this card would indicate brief communication.

More appropriate meaning for clubs. Modern meaning would suggest commonplace conversation. It would be two friends talking over dinner plans or which movie they should go and see.”

MOUSE: ahhh, we have a better match but for the traditional ♣ meaning which I have stroked out. Definitely loss and temporary setback. Often we do shed a tear when we experience the shenanigans of the Mouse card. It can cause depression just from utter annoyance.

Lenormand Revolution

7diamonds.jpg “Card of money connected to job, work, occupation. It’s a little bit of money. Within this card is a promise of a small amount of money coming your way. It can be a refund, a gift card or rebate. Don’t expect a lot of money. In love questions, it can suggest a minor issue over money.”

BIRDS: not a bang on connection but there is a certain amount of “work” involved in communicating. I can’t help but read anxiety into this card which is more times than not linked to one’s work. The classic meaning of grief associated with this card fits the 7 of clubs better.

12 birds 7 of diamonds

Lenormand Revolution

7spades.jpg“A card of minor warning. Someone that will use unfair tactics to win a situation. A card of plotting & planning. It’s main meaning is one of caution because lies or envious people can be involved. Small troubles.”

LETTER: if there is planning involved then this card fits in the broadest sense. Plans are often detailed in messages, emails, proposals, verbally, etc. As far as plotting you would have to study the context of the prediction. Usually there is little caution involved in the general meaning of the Letter card but nearby cards can change that.

27 letter 7 spades

I think the traditional skat meanings “fit” to some degree. Eventually, I will do a comparison with the remainder of the Lenormand deck.

More and more people are learning old card games. You could just have a game of skat with the playing card insets.   🙂

UPCOMING POST – the Skat Aces


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