Process of reading cards. Not much has changed since the 1800’s

In the Book of Fate by Raphael from 1887, on page 65, the author explains the process of reading playing cards.

“It requires no great efforts to commit these signfications to memory , but it must be remembered that they are but what the alphabet is to the printed book; a little attention and practice, however, will soon enable the learner to form these mystic letters into words, and words into phrases; in other language, to assemble these cards together, and read the events, past and to come, their pictured faces portend to reveal.” 

It may seem like this process is new to some cartomancers especially those who learned the Tarot before the Lenormand and other sibilla style cards. When I began my blog nearly ten years ago I emphasized those systems mentioned in the last sentence were read differently than the Tarot. The reason for this is because of the Celtic cross layout (imo) which has defined meanings for the positions. Many cartomancers read the cards in relation to the positions of the Celtic cross. Not many cartomancers ended the reading with a summary of all their findings from these cards in the positions by providing a final overview (the story). It wasn’t always necessary as the Tarot card provided a complete story for each position. In my experience, the summary all depended on the person getting the reading. Some clients needed the final overview as a reminder of the reading’s content.

To some Tarot trained cartomancers the Lenormand cards presented a challenge at first. Learning to string or link Lenormand or sibilla style cards with each other isn’t much different from linking a Tarot card in a position of the Celtic cross layout. 


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