Numerology by Guest Blogger Sue Nadeau


Sue Nadeau

Your numbers are as unique as you!

Have you ever wanted to give yourself a gift of sudden insight? This gift would be personalized to your birth date and no person would share the same gift of awareness as you. Your name, your home address, and your phone number can all be changed but your birth date numbers can never be changed. They’ve been with you from the beginning, and they have something to tell you!

This insight is what Numerology can offer you. It can give you a deeper sense of self. When awareness crosses the unknown self….it’s called a gift.

Gaining knowledge of Numerology is an experience. Numerology can be interesting and entertaining with personal information to explore, and could even lead to life-changing discoveries.

Pythagoras, an ancient mathematician, created a science of numbers. Following this scientific understanding of numbers, the numerals from one to nine were given spiritual meanings as well. Just like the spectrum colours of light each vibrate at different frequencies, the nine numerals were understood to have qualities and attributes specific to them.

One simple explanation of the vibration of numbers is as follows.

  • The number One likes to lead while Two wants to be friends.
  • A Three will create while Four will organize.
  • While Five likes to explore and have their freedom, Six likes to nurture.
  • Seven could be an investigator and Eight is the number of repetition. 
  • Finally, Nine will teach us how to let go. 

Then along with our lucky numbers, we have name numbers, karmic numbers, yearly numbers and all kinds of other numbers waiting to teach us about ourselves.  You can add them, subtract them, and count how many of them repeat.

Numerology stands amongst the many mysteries of the universe. Fact or fiction, Numerology is fun! 

“Don’t be afraid to open up your mind to any interest…

nothing is going to fall out.”  Sue Nadeau

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