Hungarian Gipsy cards using R. Russell’s 6 card layout.

I use Regina Russell’s 6 card Marriage spread quite often with various decks. This layout has also been called the “Answer Spread“. You don’t have to ask about marriage to do this layout. You can ask any question. In today’s post I am asking a question on behalf of someone else (female).

Some of you are familiar with this layout and for those of you who aren’t here is a link detailing the meanings of the positions/columns of this layout.  —> CLICK HERE.

Featured today is B. Katalin’s As Igazi Cigany Kartya. This link takes you to youTube and if you understand Hungarian you can enjoy the review of the book and 36 cards. My set is the original version which was gifted to me by a friend who visited Hungary. I really like this deck and have coloured most of the cards. This adds quite a personal touch to your deck. If you like the cards, support the creator by purchasing the deck.

KATALIN'S Hungarian Gipsy cards in 6 card Regina Russell's Marriage spread
QUESTION:  Margaret wants to know if she should participate at a Psychic fair later this year. She needs to pay upfront to reserve a spot. Her real question is whether or not she will be able to make enough money to cover the table rental expenses for this event. 

PAST (first column): Merriment/Thief. These two cards seem to reflect some of Margaret’s worries. Merriment is a positive card but it is coupled with the Thief card. If you take a close look at the image the female has one eye covered. This might suggest she is not seeing the totality of this situation and perhaps only focusing on the fun. Reading cards, meeting people and mingling with others is fun. However, it does use up our energy and we can get tired.

CURRENT (last column): Misfortune/Constancy.  In the Pivotal spot, the Constancy card suggests less movement of energy. This is not an overly positive or negative card. Things remain the same. Often, this spot contains the answer to the question. It could mean she ‘might’ break even. Coupled with the Misfortune card there is a very good chance Margaret might make her money but not be able to stay for the entire event (weekender). Something unexpected will come up.

FUTURE (middle column): Enemy/Some Money. The latter card shows increase in funds/money. With the Enemy card so close one has to wonder if Margaret will achieve overall success. I would definitely caution her about loss.

I don’t get a real good feeling about this whole thing because there are 3/6 cards which are very negative. That’s too many. I would advise Margaret not to reserve a table yet and to leave it until it gets closer to the date. Also, I would suggest she only puts a minimal down payment on the table if the organizers will let her do that. She may lose the down payment as they do not refund it. I think this is a ‘wait and see’ situation and I lean towards a no answer to her question.

3 thoughts on “Hungarian Gipsy cards using R. Russell’s 6 card layout.

  1. Yes, I agree with your analysis that it doesn’t look great. The Enemy beneath the Some Money could even represent that it would cost her to do it in the long run.

  2. I purchased the Hungarian gypsy cards on E Bay. Do you have a book on how to read the cards that I could purchase?

    • Hi Kathleen. Thank you for your comment. My tutorial Gipsy handbook should be completed year’s end. In the meantime, I can email you a pdf with some brief meanings for the cards. Pls. contact me at askmycard AT gmail DOT com. Subject line: Seaqueen via blog. Please join my private FB Gipsy cards group (Zigeuner cards Community) for helpful tips, shared readings etc. Thanks. Jozefa

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