Fortune Telling Destiny Cards by Dana, 1991.

The Fortune Telling Destiny Cards © Dana 1991 contain 52 cards with meanings right on them. The hearts suit glyphs are red, spades are black, clubs are green and diamonds are blue. They measure at 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 inches. The standard bridge deck is 2 1/4 x 3.5 inches and the poker deck is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. So you can see they are slightly larger in comparison. box from Dana 1991 destiny cardsThe card stock isn’t too bad and shuffling the deck is easy enough. The backs of these cards are pale yellow as the front sporting a red ink outline of a palmistry hand and the title Destiny cards. I may have written about this deck before when I first obtained it. 

Dana 1991 destiny cards

There are 3 cards with instructions similar to a LWB. The two layouts included are a 3 card draw which I will write about below and the 15 card layout similar to the English spread.

I shuffled the cards thoroughly. My question was about the outcome of a test a friend of mine had a few weeks ago. We are wanting a positive result with well-meaning cards.


When you lay out this spread you place card #1 in the middle. You place card #2 to the left of the center card and #3 to the right of the center card. This little layout is part of the entire reading because you would follow it with the 15 card layout. You don’t have to do the larger layout if you just want a quick glimpse into a question. 

I haven’t had a chance to do a comparison yet of the meanings with other playing card systems to see if there is a common thread. No doubt, there will be mainly because each system builds on the system preceding it. Note: these Destiny cards are not to be mistaken for Robert Camp’s destiny card system which I have studied and used ever since he wrote his first book.

Dana 52 card system

8♥ 4♠ 10♥

Since you begin with the center card first I will start with it.  The 4♠ sure does reflect aspects of the question I asked. It is a card of recuperation. The meaning on the card suggests the end of an illness or strife.  (click above image for larger view)

If a court happens to fall in this trio it would describe your personality at the time of shuffle. For example, if the Queen of Clubs appeared the description of this Queen would tell me which ‘hat’ I’m wearing at the time of the reading. If a King shows up it would be an important male in my life. queen clubs, king hearts, destiny cards dana 1991The 2 adjoining cards would give more information. If a court falls in position 2 or 3 probably the same applies. If a number of courts appear I would then go ahead with the 15 card layout to see why there are so many people involved in the question. 

The 8♥ looks like a positive card. It is a gift or some pleasant act.  On the card are tips if this card lies in certain spots of the 15 card layout.

The 10♥ is the messenger card. How appropriate! It is generally good news. This card predicts a good conclusion. There are a few other meanings not so positive but nothing drastic.

According to the trio of cards, my friend’s test result will be favourable. This system makes it very easy for you to do readings. No memorization necessary.

Have a great weekend!

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