Skat fortune telling cards – the 10’s

As I have mentioned in previous posts the meanings offered for the Skat fortune-telling cards are a combination from three word of mouth sources from many years ago. I have found that there are more similarities than differences with the exception of the ♣’s.

In the type written sheets I have from 1967 there is mention of how to determine who is represented by the courts. I’ll cover this in the forthcoming posts on the Courts. It’s quite easy to remember.

The other thing detailed is cards of the same numerical value. In my Macedonian friend’s word of mouth system colours are important. The 10 cards need to be side by side for the explanation below to apply. (Otherwise, the numerical combination meanings are less effective. When two tens appear but separated by other cards.)

Since today’s post is on the 10’s here’s an example on how to read the colours. Let’s suppose two tens show up when asking a question and both tens are red. this means the prediction depicted by the cards will work out well. If both 10’s are black, the situation won’t work out so you should try to reconsider a decision. You should re-evaluate your options.  If there is a mix of red and black there will be satisfactory outcome. Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly until you study all the cards and of course, your prediction should make sense. Listen to your Inner Voice and gut feelings. 

The Skat 10’s

10hearts.jpgThe marriage card. Commitments of all sorts. This card indicates love in relationships. There is a harmonious flow of energy between individuals.

In love questions, this 10 suggests there are very strong emotions between the people. If both court cards look at the 10 the feelings are mutual.  Even if the court card is further away from this 10 but looks in its directions it would still indicate strength of emotions. In such a situation, marriage or love may be secondary issue to the individual.

There are several ways to read this 10 when coupled with a court card. It can point to a married person. It can suggest the individual has marriage on his/her mind. In some cases, it depicts an actual marriage proposal.

In work questions, this 10 can actually describe aspects of the job. It does suggest the love of one’s career or type of work.

10club.jpgThe discussion card primarily among between several individuals. Business success. This card can bring additional worries when combined with other cards suggesting problems.

Falling beside a court card it will indicate the person is a good conversationalist. He/she could talk too much which can trigger a lively debate.

In love questions, this card promises communication is forthcoming or at least welcome. The result of the connection is revealed by the card following this 10. 

In work questions, the energy is high and does show major accomplishments. 

10diamonds.jpgThe card of financial change. Incoming large amount of money. This can cover many areas such as a windfall, a winning ticket, a bonus check, an unexpected gift of money etc.

The best money card. It is high money. What this means is that there will be a increase in your financial situation. There could be substantial inlay of funds. The question is what does substantial mean to you. Every person views money differently. One thousand dollars is a fortune to some people and to others it’s a drop in the bucket. 

In work situations, you can be confident that you will get a big raise. You will land that good paying job. Look for a court card – it could be your new employer or a person responsible for this opportunity.

With love questions, money is the least of your problems. You could meet a well to do man or woman. The person may be gainfully employed and be financially generous.

If a number of ‘s fall together there is a good chance you will “inherit” some money or experience a stroke of exceptional good luck.

10spades.jpg The card of travel usually connected to a necessity.  The common meaning is grief and tears. In the olden days it depicted imprisonment which can be read as being stuck in a situation. A major change- much depends are neighboring cards.

If you question involves the timing of events this 10 means you will have to wait a long time for an answer.

When coupled with a court card the person could be at a distance or involved in travel.

Let’s suppose the 10♠’s is in the middle of two court cards (2 Jacks) this can suggest problems between brothers or buddies. If one is a King and the other a Jack it can be a father and son that are discussing travel plans. The card following (if there is one) will reveal the results.

The 10 of spades requires careful study when combined with other cards. More times than not it is a major setback or change.

So far we have covered 7’s through 10’s. The next post on the Skats will be the Aces on to the Courts. When the elderly Hungarian lady read my “Skat” cards in the ’80’s she provided me with an enormous amount of information. It did surprise me just how accurate her predictions were and no doubt she was more than just a card reader as was my Macedonian girlfriend. One can get psychic messages when reading a standard deck of cards. 


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