4 x 4 + 2 mini GT layout. Magical Lenormand.

Today I wanted to do a mini GT for a female friend. It is not often both Significators appear within a 18 card layout and they did. 🙂 If the Lady did not appear I would have looked for key/theme cards to commence the reading. If just the Gentleman showed up I would have started with him as he would be someone significant in her life. Or I would take the remaining discarded pile and laid out another mini GT. The latter is less likely, though. I’ve written a post on this layout before –>here.

You can create a mini GT with however many cards you want. You could do 5 x 3 + 3. As a recap the bottom 2 cards of the mini GT featured in today’s post can indicate any of the following:

  • address a vital concern
  • reveal a situation which is on the mind of the consultant
  • over all energy involved in the layout
  • result of column 2 and 3’s theme or topic or life category
  • sometimes it is the surprise or unexpected situation

Question by female. Will Male X have a speedy recovery from a health issue?

I will summarize my findings in relation to the question asked and not details much more than that. I probably will, though. 🙂 Although, in a private session I would read all the cards, however, it is at my discretion to either accept or reject health questions. I would advise medical professional counsel is sought elsewhere. There are some things you can answer without getting into the nitty gritty of health/disease related issues. The above question is general.

4x4+2 mini Lenormand GT

First of all, these two people are not facing towards each other. Lady looks to her past if you read left as past and Gentleman looks to his future. I want to point out that if we read the Lady as looking to her future she is facing no cards. This means all the cards behind her are weighing heavily on her. Of the two individuals, the male is more balanced. He has cards both behind and ahead of him.

In the red diagonal line you can see the Anchor card follows the Gentleman. The energy of the Anchor card is very stable. It also show the male will work towards regaining his health. The Dog card follows the Anchor card suggests he can count on a good friendship… and it is not the Lady. It’s probably another important male (Bear) in his life like someone connected to his job (Anchor). It can even be his mother (Moon). She might be in spirit (Coffin) but her energy is felt.

Since the female of the reading is asking about male X we would read the vertical column he falls in. I am always a bit on guard when I see the Fox card. It is so close to the Heart card that it can spell trouble in the emotional department. The Stars card (above Gentleman) show you this man has an acceptance of the current situation. His attitude is one of understanding patterns in one’s life. He could be at some risk (Cross card beneath him). It’s important he does not make a wrong decision (Fox card) regarding anything to do with his recovery. For example, he needs to follow any advice he has received from those in the medical field. 

The Stork card, one of the last 2 cards on the bottom of the mini GT layout, end this column. Changes are coming for sure surrounding male X. The Book card next to the Stork card points to some developments which are unknown at this time.

Of course, there is more to this reading. So, in answer to the question asked I think the recovery process will be slower (Anchor). It is definitely a testing time (Cross) for male X. The cards point to some further issues (Stork+Book).

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