Skat fortune telling continued – 9’s

Skat 9’s

In the earlier years of fortune-telling, most meanings were passed down word of mouth. Given my Eastern European background, I was exposed to a number of individuals who were “back street readers”. I recently found a little booklet with typed out Skat fortune-telling meanings which were given to me around 1967 by a Macedonian friend. She was very good at reading playing cards. In fact, her readings were spot on. I remember she used the 15 card layout sometimes called the English spread. I was more into Astrology and Palmistry at that time but I did read the Gipsy and Tarot cards. It is not surprising at all that the Skat style meanings from three different females coming from the Eastern European regions had similarities.

When using this style of system with little pictorial aid you can enhance your psychic abilities or at the very least hone your interpretative skills. Simple basic meanings need to be linked together to tell a story. Sometimes when you tell that story you may visualize people or things. Sometimes you hear a name. Often you see something in the patterns of the suit glyphs.

The 9 card cards have strong influences but are not as powerful as the 10’s.

The Skat 9’s

9hearts.jpgThe wish. This card is all about feeling and caring. It will tell you if your wish will comes true based on the card beneath or to the right of it.

For the most part, this card is well-known as being the wish card. It’s always a good card. The only time the 9 isn’t favourable is when it is followed by one of the higher pip cards, namely a spade.

In love questions you would want to see this card coupled with a court card representing you or the object of your desires. When a lower spade follows, you may experience a delay in your wish-fulfillment.

The 9 brings friendship energy as well.

9club.jpgThis card does represent a challenge but not in the same way as the spade. Sometimes a person’s own imagination creates worries. There can be some confusion and doubts with communication. This 9 brings a little mud to the adjoining cards. Miscommunication.

If you are expecting some news and the 9 ends the layout your answer or message will not be crystal clear. You will still have some doubts.

In love questions, this card is telling you that you are worrying about the situation without much foundation. You may be experiencing insecurity within yourself. Take a different perspective to prevent a further unhealthy attitude.

9diamonds.jpg Another money card. It can also signify monetary gifts. The card brings good influences and increases in the layout. Opportunities arise for a better paying job. Often it is a card of inheriting something of worth. A substantial win.

In love situations this 9 suggests that you are appreciated and valued. You could be the recipient of a really nice gift. Next to a court card which is not your Significator card it reveals who is involved in this gift giving or job opportunity.

In work questions, you can expect positive improvements. If you want a raise you will probably get it. If you applied for another position the 9 promises that you will secure it. Within this card is recognition or awareness so that means your hard work is noted.

9spades.jpg The card of negativity. Sickness. Grief. In this we have an influence that is quite challenging. A card of caution. Family problems.

When this card is near your Significator study the cards following the 9. This will reveal how this card will play out. Since the meanings are so basic you may need to be still and wait for a prediction to unfold.

Often there is an illness associated with influence. You may get a virus or experience some medical issue. Keep the prediction light unless there are other indicators that it may be more serious. Stress can affect your well-being.

With love questions there is a warning not to expect too much. You could be experiencing challenges in a relationship. The card that follows will tell you whether this challenge is met or overcome. If no card follows expect some turbulences in the days or weeks to follow.

Often this card points to a problem in the family. A court card will reveal who might be involved. It can be a relative having these challenges and somehow you get involved or affected.

Below is an example of 5 card reading using the simple key words. You already know the meanings of 3 of the cards.  Question: Is there someone special coming into J’s (male) life within 6 months?

9♠ + Q + AS (upright) + 8♦ + 7

-challenges + co-worker/fun loving female + large institution + work/travel + fondness

Using just the basic meanings the cards show a female coming into J’s life. At first they will not hit it off. The Q might be having issues or holding on to some tough emotions from a previous experience. They’ll probably meet at a work related environment. She might work at a hospital or educational facility. There will be a fondness between the two eventually. The 7 promises the beginning stages of a relationship.



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