Skat 8’s plus overview of skat 7’s

The Skat 8’s

The Skat fortune-telling system contains pips 7-10, Ace, King, Queen, Jack. All 2’s through 6’s are removed prior to shuffle. The image features one of my German Skat decks. The little set is actually for the game because inside the leather case is a pad and pencil. I use it to jot down cards I am studying. The pad of paper can be easily replaced with a little booklet as long as it opens bottom to top. The dollar or two stores carry them.

8's skat system

The 7’s were all about minimum energy or influences from each suit. The 8’s increase that energy so that it is not so one-pointed. In the 7’s the influence usually affects the person more directly but not to any major degree. The 8’s spread their wings but they are still remain minor influences which involves more than of a sharing of that influence.

After studying the meanings of the clubs and spades which were given to me by the elderly Hungarian lady I have switched the meanings to bring them more in keeping with the modern view of the clubs and spades. I feel the meanings are more appropriate and will be easier to learn. I, for one, associate clubs with communication and more of an active energy. Also, the spades suit tends to be more challenging. 

8hearts.jpgA card of stable emotional influence.  It can minimize other minor negative cards, however, it cannot influences the high ill meaning cards. Emotional gratification. Beside a court card it will give the person a wonderful disposition.

Hearts are all about love, emotions and relationships. It is the ‘feeling’ suit. Feelings aren’t always positive so if this card is hammered by a spade the experience could turn to jealousy, dissatisfaction, little appreciation and so on.

If you ask a financial or work question and this card is last you will be satisfied but won’t be overjoyed about it. It’s still a good influence that gives satisfaction to those involved.

In love questions, the other person you are asking about most likely returns positive feelings.  Let’s suppose you have a number of more negative cards and this card is last in the layout there is a strong indication things will work out.

8club.jpg The message card. Anything to do with communications. The card beside it will give a hint as to the nature of the news. A letter, report, application, form, document etc.

Messages come via many ways and there would be an exchange. This means the news is probably anticipated.

In love questions, you know you will receive a  message and if a court follows that person is involved. If a well-meaning suit follows the news is favourable. If an ill meaning card follows chances are the message won’t be to your liking. You’ll get over it.

With work questions, the message depends cannot be determined on its own. You would need to look at the neighbouring card. Hopefully, the card that follows is a positive influence.

8diamonds.jpgAnother work card but the field would involve finances or travel to some degree. A moderately positive card for work. It depicts some money coming in and the achievement of work related goals.

When this card answers a work question you can expect some improvements. You may receive an opportunity to changes jobs.

In love questions, this card indicates some mutual work which needs to be done in a relationship. When coupled with a court card it could describe the person as being financially responsible. He/she could even work with numbers.

8spades.jpg Small illness. Agitation and uneasiness. This card prevents the smooth flow of a situation. Expect brief delays. A block.

This card depicts trivial upsets. Within this card is a setback but not a very huge one. It can be something simple as being held up in traffic or waiting for a package. It can indicate your date will be late in picking you up.

If you are expecting an answer from someone and this card is beside the Court representing the person’s characteristics you can expect a delay.

Often there it is just a card of not feeling well but the influence is not long-lasting.

A recap of the 7’s with additional information

I started to write about the 7’s a few posts back, so I will expand a bit on the meanings here. Instead of listing all the meanings for this system, I will be detailing them individually. That way you can follow along…

Skat 7’s

7hearts.jpg Card of love in its beginning stages. It can be a new fondness for a person or thing. A good feeling. If you asked does he/she love me and this card was the result/outcome card it would suggest the person does have warm feelings for you.

This lower 7 contains energy of the heart suit which has a miniature influence. For example, the person can be experiencing happiness but it would not be on a large-scale or full-blown. You can be happy and then you can be really, really happy. There is a difference. The fondness from a person feels good but a deeper love would feel great if that is something you are hoping will develop.

Many times the 7♥ can represent a secret admirer.

The clubs meanings tend to be an octave of the spades suit in this system. Beginning with the 8’s and forward I have reversed the meanings. (beginning of today’s post)

7club.jpg Card of minor loss, tears, depression etc. It is short-term and does not last a long time. (Modern meanings would tie this card with communication, discussions, news.) If you asked will he/she contact me this card would indicate brief communication.

More appropriate meaning for clubs. (Modern meaning would suggest commonplace conversation. It would be two friends talking over dinner plans or which movie they should go and see.)

7diamonds.jpg Card of money connected to job, work, occupation. It’s a little bit of money.If you asked if you will get a better paying job this card suggests yes, but not much more money.

This card is a positive answer to a financial question but it’s not really anything to get excited about. It can also mean you may have to “work” at something a little harder. The 7 can indicate an improvement in finances but it’s a baby step.

Within this card is a promise of a small amount of money coming your way. It can be a refund, a gift card or rebate. Don’t expect a lot of money. In love questions, it can suggest a minor issue over money.

7spades.jpg Card of slight warning. This card suggests some annoyance happening fast. It’s main meaning is one of caution because lies or envious people can be involved. Someone in plotting against you.

If you asked whether he/she is faithful to you this card indicates the person should not be fully trusted. I wouldn’t say you should be really alarmed but stay alert.

This card is all about a stumbling block more like a bunch of pebbles. There is more of a negative energy involved like someone else’s motives to prevent you from moving forward in some situation. In work questions, you could experience some competition for a new job. The person competing has ties to the person doing the hiring. Minor underhand tactics.

In love questions, this cards suggests that things will move along really slow. In many cases, the person you are interested in is hiding something which can create some additional pressure. It’s not a big deal but unsettling.

If this card was beside a Court card, that person does not have your best interest at heart in regards to your question. If this card is in the middle of two Courts those two people may have a small unexpected argument.

If per chance you have group of 7’s together in the layout you can expect short-term and minor influences affecting the question. These are the wee cards of the system. They are annoyances. If a high pip card follows what was minor turns into something huge. Study the suit carefully.

Skat 9’s will follow within the next week or so. 

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